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Fashion photography refers to strong representation of clothing or accessories that the photo is meant to sell. Settings and composition are still as chief as ever! An editorial point of view or subject allows a photograph to focus on telling a story, or selling an sentiment. Selling a lifestyle, fulfillment, or enjoyment is often the purpose of a fashion photographer’s images. For fashion photographers and retail brands, fashion photo retouching and editing is a necessity. Editorial photos are the first things you will see in cosmetics websites, clothing catalogues and glamour magazines. Beauty photography demands the highest quality and with strong image enhancement skills, you can immediately seize the attention of your readers.

Our highly skilled fashion photo editors are not only skillful at skin smoothing, cleaning up backdrops, creating images with high tonal contrast, reducing / adding noise and color tint, and working in the raw image formats, but can totally redefine the personality of the model into someone fantastical or an accessory into a lifestyle object of desire.

Fashion Photography Retouching

Fashion Photography Retouching is a process of changing the color of a frock, trim a hem, remove diverting props or add embellishments to a model’s clothes. Whatever your client wants in the photo, we can make it happen. Fashion photography promotes a creative lifestyle, it brings us into the real m of imagination, worn through clothing. Fashion photos inspire people, they allow you to be taken, even just for a while, into another reality. High-fashion editorial images always tell a story, and it’s up to the photographers and post-production companies to make sure the photos serve their purpose. These are some ways we do our photo retouching services for fashion. Tell us about your creative vision, and our retouching experts will take care of the rest.

Fashion Model Photography

Fasion Photography make the first impression in the beauty industry. Go beyond impressions and leave a mark with high quality fashion photography. We produce fashion images that shift paradigms, and touch-ups that elevate your brand in ways you actually wanted. There are flaws after photo shoot which need correction. It does nott only take a few mouse clicks to change a horrible photograph into something very glamorous and perfect. With many of the hassles and hurdles involved, fashion photo photography is definitely not the bed of roses. For a magic touch to your pictures, you can avail Fashion photography service of our company. We can help you improve your photographs, often beyond what you thought is possible.

In the world of showbiz, actors and models are treated almost as idols. Magazines and newspapers are loaded with fashionable society and glossy advertisements to turn all the attention to them. Tiny flaws in the appearance can cause great chaos in their fans. Skillful hands at fashion photography can help you bring out the full potential of your photographs.

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Fashion Photography techniques

Color & Contrast Correction This includes adjusting brightness, contrast, density, color balance & saturation, adding lighting effects etc.

Adding filters Adding filters to correct hue, enhance saturation, increase color and result in improved modulation transfer function.

Cropping & Removing Noise This includes extracting unwanted elements from the image such as removing logo, signature etc.

Glamorization To not only remove unwanted elements but enhance eyes, features, figure etc and make the picture look extremely stunning. This also includes fixing hair, skin, clothes, adding smooth edges, removing small blemishes, wrinkles, sunburn, acne, spots, dark circles etc.

Density Correction Usage of Adobe Photoshop software as well as proprietary techniques for density correction in digital images.

Some other Elements Fashion Photography

Basic File Formats Shooting your photos in a RAW file format, rather than JPEG, will allow more flexiblity in editing.RAW is a lossless file format, meaning that your image will not be compressed after you take the photo.

Wrinkles Retouching By using Photoshop, editors deal with wrinkles by utilizing the program’s Healing Brush feature to reduce and remove the appearance of wrinkles.

Shadows In fashion photography, photos must appear stylish and unique as possible. Shadows tend to either enhance quality of photos or decrease their clarity altogether. Photoshop’s Lasso feature that allows you to adjust hue, saturation, and brightness of shady areas within a photo.



How long does it take to complete a project?

Our usual turnaround time for photo editing services is about 24-48 hours. But, the project completion time may vary depending on the project complexity, format, image size and volumes.

How do you ensure that my images are secure?

We follow strict security guidelines while dealing with our clients. We make sure that none of the client photos are distributed, sold, or published on any third-party website. Your photos are safe with us.

Is there any restriction about the format, size, and resolution of the image sent for editing?

No, there are no restrictions. We deliver back the edited and the original images in the format of your choice.

Is there any specific image editing software you use?

Our photo editing team is proficient in using a range of software including Adobe Photoshop CC, PTGui Pro, Lightroom CC.

Do you edit product or commercial photos?

Yes. We do undertake photo editing of products and commercial images.

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