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Wedding photo editing service is a post production process where images are edited in a post processing software. Images are being color corrected, resize and retouched by adjusting the settings. Photographers use the best camera brands such as Nikon, Canon and Sony. This kind of event are very precious and sometimes they come out as a raw photo when exported in a computer. After the event the photographer will transfer the raw photos to a computer where it will undergo a post-production. The images will then be scrutinized for undesirable spots, blemishes or obstructions in the photo.

During a wedding post production images are selected and edited carefully using a Adobe Lightroom. Taking photos of the bride and groom can be challenging, one has to plan and execute the right shot on time. Planning your photo-shoot is one of many things to consider before taking photos during the wedding. Moreover, when images come out differently after the wedding a post processing is necessary in order to correct the images.

Wedding Photo Editing Lightroom Service

Wedding Photography Retouching Service

A wedding photographer is a high demand job in the wedding industry. Couples from around the world seems to be excited in there upcoming big day “the wedding”. A wedding is a celebration between a man and a woman where they are going to get married in witnessed by God in Holy Matrimony. These celebration or event is very important to any person in the world. It is a stepping stone towards creating your own family.

It is an important event that we will cherish in our lives in the future, we always make sure that every moment is recorded. Photography is highly recommended in every special occasion because you record every single thing moment. Finding the best photographer for your wedding is extremely important and normally best photographers come at a price. Moreover, a good photographer must have the right set of skills, equipment and above all experience. Highly experienced photographer are known for taking photos that truly make a difference. Anybody can take a photo but not all can take a moment, so hire the best photographer near you. Discover why outsourcing your wedding photo editing is important.

Benefits of Wedding Photo Editing

Customer Satisfaction

The goal is to help photographers with post production allowing them to focus more on the core of the business. Every photograph is a work of art and often times photographers do there own editing. Having to edit thousands of images can be a time consuming task and through the help of photo editor, you can definitely save time.

Increase in Revenue

Focusing on your business can increase your profits by eliminating redundant task of editing. Your business will grow even more because you have someone who does the editing while you keep on shootin. Having the advantage of delivering fast reliable service in just 1-2 weeks gives you a heads up to your competitors.

Types of Wedding Photo Editing

Color Correction

Adjusting the colors allows you to have the best quality wedding pictures. We can select the raw images, color correct them, manipulate and retouch. This service includes everything you require for your images. We can either do a normal color correction or apply your desired presets for your photos.

Wedding Photo Editing Service Photoshop

Wedding Post Production Lightroom

Post-production refers to “edit after photo-shoot” process where images are selected from 1,000+ images down to few hundreds. Normally when images are selected it goes down to about 30-40% of the actual raw photos. This includes duplicate images, over exposed photos and under exposed photographs. Post processing your own images can take time especially when there is a retouching involved. Often times unnecessary objects or spots are seen visibly in the photo and sometimes it can get attention.

Wedding Photo Retouching Company

Sky Replacement Wedding Photographs

There are times weather and background are not as vibrant as expected. We can replace the sky to a blue and more vibrant color allowing you to have the best final output. Sky replacement makes your images fuller and brighter giving you a long lasting impression.

Wedding Photo Editing Sky Replacement

Retouching of Wedding Pictures

Photo retouching is a process of improving the image to it’s best result. We can remove any imperfections, blemishes and spots using a photo editing software. Our highly skilled photo editor can ultimately give the highest quality possible of image.

Wedding Photo Retouching Service Online

White Balance Adjustment

Adjusting the white balance of the image makes it more brighter and colorful. We can adjust the white balance to its correct adjustment of highlight, lights, mid tones and shadows. Moreover, we adjust also the colors to make it vibrant in color.

Wedding Photoshop Lightroom Editing

Before and After

Lightroom Color Correction Wedding

Color correction for wedding is a post production process that adjust the exposure, brightness and overall color of the image. It involves a lot of steps in making the wedding photographs perfect for the groom and bride. Our wedding photo editing services includes:

  • Cinematic Wedding Color Preset
  • Color Grading Tool
  • Professional Wedding Color Correction
  • Wedding Ligtroom Preset
  • Exposure Adjustment Wedding
  • Temperature and Tint Adjustment
  • Apply Wedding Preset Lightroom
  • Adjust Color to make them Beautiful
  • Enhance the overall quality of wedding photograph
Wedding Color Correction BeforeWedding Color Correction After
Photo Retouching Service BeforePhoto Retouching Service After

Wedding Photography Retouching

Wedding photography retouching is a service that provides after shoot service for wedding photographers. We edit images after the photographer takes the photos during the wedding. Normally we retouch blemishes, spots, wrinkles, acne naturally.

  • Digital Photo Retouching
  • Photoshop Retouch Wedding Couple
  • Top Wedding Retouching Service
  • Retouch Blemishes Groom and Bride
  • Retouching of Wedding Raw Photos
  • Lightroom Color Correct and Retouching
  • Retouch Scars in Face
  • Remove Blemishes in Wedding Photo
  • Sky Replacement in Wedding Photo
  • Old Photo Restoration Retouching

Tips in Wedding Photography


Preparing your plan of action is one of the key to a successful wedding photo shoot. You have to prepare your photography gear such as lenses, battery packs, lighting kits, SD cards and many more.


During the wedding it is crucial to familiarize the area, plan of action and execution of every shot. Staying ahead and planning your next move is important because you have to take the best shots possible. Discover what types of camera lenses you need to use during a wedding.


The final images needs to be delivered on time and with the highest quality possible. Wedding photographs are important documents that saves precious memories. Perfection in shooting, post processing and delivery is the key to a successful photography business.

Photo Editing Tools for Wedding

Clone Stamp Tool

The clone stamp tool allows you to remove imperfections such as dirt, blemishes, hair strands or objects that ruin the image. This process involves cloning areas that are good to the bad ones.

Color Correction

The most crucial part in editing a wedding photograph is color correction because you need to adjust the highlights, mid-tones and shadow of the image. There are parts of the image that you need to adjust in order to have a balance in the lighting. Photographers have different presets or style in correcting images, we can replicate the kind of style they want for their images.

How to Edit Wedding Photos in Lightroom


After the photo-shoot thousands of images need to be culled or selected for post production. A photographer normally shoots hundreds or thousands of photos and not all will be used later on. The process of selecting images is important to separate the good shots from the bad ones. Often times these are blurred, off angle or simply not as good as the others. We can select the best images for you by culling them carefully.

Brightness Adjustment

Creating a stunning image requires a better looking image by adjusting the brightness. The first thing is to adjust the exposure of the image followed by the highlights, mid-tones and shadows. When you adjust the settings you will be able to see some drastic changes in your image. There are several options or settings you can adjust from Brightness and Contrast, Curves or simply adjust each setting.


A photo retouching of your wedding image is highly recommended to remove any imperfections. Images need to be 100% best once you deliver to the client because these are memories that will last a lifetime. Manipulating the image is another way of retouching a photograph by replacing objects or removing major obstructions.

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Do you select or cull images for the Photographer?

Yes we do the selection process and estimated percentage of the target of the photographer. We always choose the best images for your clients and unique shots that truly makes your client happy.

How long will it take to post-process a batch of wedding photographs?

1 to 2 days to select and to color correct the images. For retouching it will take 1-2 days depending on the difficulty of the image.

What is the process of editing wedding photographs?

We color correct the images using Adobe Lightroom by adjusting the temperature and tint to your specifications. After that, we adjust highlights, mid-tones, contrast, lights, sharpness. Moreover, we will also align the image and make sure to provide you lens correction.

What is the cost for a wedding Photos to be Color Corrected?

 It will cost only $ 89 per wedding photos for color correction. If there is a need to retouch the image, we charge $ .50 cents per photo.


Color Correction
$ .18
Suitable for Photographers
White Balance Adjustment
Exposure Adjustment
Temp and TInt Adjustment
$ .80
Minor Retouching
Hair Strands
Major Retouching
$ 5
Extreme Retouching
Remove Car
Remove Obstructions
Remove People
Skin Smoothening

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