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Photo editing is a process of editing, retouching and enhancing an image using a photo editing software. Our wide range of services from background removal, product retouching, wedding photograph post production and real estate editing. We help small and big business online improve their sales by providing high quality product images. Editing images can be time consuming and require extensive skills to get the highest quality image. Using a photo editing software Photoshop and Lightroom we are able to provide your required retouching for every image.

Outsourcing your photo editing can truly change the way you do business enabling you to do more and edit less. Moreover, our company can help you expedite the process of retouching your images. We cater different industries such as Manufacturing, Fashion, Photographers and Corporations. Most of our clients come from E-commerce website that have products online. The vast majority of customers that we have are from the United States, Europe, UK, Australia and Canada.

Photoshop Product Photo Retouching Service

Benefits of Photo Editing

Increase Buyers Online

Having your images edited will definitely increases your online presence resulting to potential buyers. A high quality image with vibrant colored products is often interpreted as reliable product. Photos that are unedited gives you lower customer confidence since most big companies have better images posted online. When selling products online make sure to have the highest quality possible of your images.

Gain Traction

Make your photos look better than your competitor and gain traction. It is crucial in business to gain traction long before your competitors. In order to achieve this one must invest in photo editing to improve your images. Outsourcing can be an advantage to save you time and money. Discover how powerful outsourcing can grow your business online.

Types of Photo Editing

Clipping Path

We provide clipping path to our clients in order to prepare them for background removal, selection of a subject or removal of an area. Our paths are done manually and accurately to have a 100% quality clipping path for our clients.

Amazon Photo Editing

Amazon marketplace is one of the top e-commerce sites online and has gained its reputation as the most profitable sites to partner with online. We can edit your product images to the required specification set by amazon. Our amazon photo editing can save you time in editing and passing amazon standards.

Product Photo Editing

Product editing refers to the enhancement of any product image that needs to be posted online. Buyers are always looking forward for the images and most often they buy based on what the image

Real Estate Photo Editing

Real estate companies and agencies requires real estate properties taken by real estate photographers to undergo a photo editing or post production. This is mainly needed when posting a real estate property online to sell the estate property faster. With real estate photo editing we insure to provide naturally looking images or even give you a customized editing that suites your style.

Custom Editing

We also offer custom image editing for clients who have specific requirements. Our goal here is to work with the client hand in hand just like any other service but full fill every detail that the client needs.



Post production for wedding photography is a service that edits, adjust, enhance the quality of every image. This process is an after shoot service that makes the RAW image more vibrant in color. An image taken after the wedding requires a post production using a Lightroom software to change the settings. The settings involves different processes that changes the exposure, highlights, clarity, color and brightness.

Wedding Photo Editing Service Photoshop

Real Estate Photo Editing

Our real estate photo editing service makes it easier for you to sell your property listings online. We can naturally edit and enhance your property by improving the white balance, lawn, interior and exterior of your photographs. There are 2 kinds of real estate image taken by a photographer, it is single exposure and multiple exposure. Adjusting the exposure, white balance, apply the right temperature and tint to improve the quality of the image. In addition, sharpening, cropping, resizing and manipulation are additional service we offer in real estate.

Real Estate Photo Editing White Balance

Jewelry Photo Retouching

Jewelry photo retouching service increases the brand awareness of your products in your e-commerce website. Online selling of jewelry products has always been on high demand ever since. Precious metals like Gold and Silver are one of the most sought after commodity in the market which value billions of dollars worldwide. Apart from that, different kinds of Gems or Stones such as Diamonds bring more value to every jewelry. Taking products photos are easy using a professional DSLR Camera however editing jewelry is the important thing to do. Having your jewelry edited by a professional photo editor gives you an edge to your competitor.

Jewelry Photo Editing Service One

Product Photo Editing

Selling of products online require product photo editing to elevate the quality of the image to increase sales. Making your products attractive to your buyers gives you an advantage to your competitors. Most images come out raw and bare in color after a product photography so a post production is required. The process can be a daunting task but the results pay off very well because you improve the overall quality of your image. By removing blemishes, adjusting vibrancy of colors, resizing, cropping and retouching your product increases the demand of your buyers.

Product Photo Retouching Service Online

Food Photo Editing

Food photo editing is the game changer for every restaurants in the world. Images sell first before the meal or food you would like to buy. Statistics show that people are more attracted to food images that are high in resolution and quality. There is a saying that goes “if it looks good, eat it”. Having great quality image makes a difference in presenting your meals to your customer. Post production service is one of the ways to improve the photo of your food. The process involves adjusting the brightness, colors and quality of the image. People buy in the image first before they order a meal, so have your images processed before printing them out.

Food Photo Editing

Portrait Photography Editing

Portraits are close up images of a person that focuses the face of an individual. This process of taking images can also be called “head shot photography”. Every photo shoot requires a post production process where the image is imported to a photo editing software. Once the image is imported and opened the process of editing begins. Most of the time retouching will take place to remove blemishes, acne, pimples and stray hair that might be visible. Moreover, the need to adjust temperature, tint, brightness and contrast is also needed to improve the lighting of the photo. Every time you take close up images make sure to naturally enhance the image by maintaining natural beauty.

Portrait Photo Retouching

Before and After

Beauty Retouching Service BeforeBeauty Retouching Service After
Clipping Path Photoshop BeforeClipping Path Photoshop After

Photo Editing Tools

Pen Tool

A pen tool is a precision tool that can trace or outline an image. This is widely used in removing background of the image of products online. By using a pen tool you can cut or select the precise area which you want to edit.

Clone Tool

This clone tool enables you to retouch an image carefully. Most of the images that need clone tool are damaged or with blemishes. An easy way to remove or manipulate an image is using this tool. Make sure when you use this tool one must take it slowly to get the best quality.

How to Edit Pictures

1. Import Photos

Import images by clicking File > Open and select your file. Most files are exported by the photographer in raw format which is CR2, PSD, TIFF or DNG. Once you have imported your images you can now start editing your photo.

2. Retouching your Image

Analyze carefully your image by focusing first on the most visible blemishes such as spots. Use the clone stamp tool in order to clone the good areas with the bad ones. There are many ways on how to retouch an image, either you clone or manipulate an image. Make sure when retouching a photo, no traces of retouching is visible.

3. Color Correction

Color correction is important in every image by adjusting the exposure, brightness and contrast of the image. Too much light will lead to over exposure and less light will have underexposed. You can select different tools to adjust the brightness such as curves, brightness and contrast. Improving the colors by color selection improves the overall color of your image.

4. Touch Ups

Quality checking is crucial in every image and last touch ups are important allowing you to have the highest quality output. Double check your retouching at the same time the colors of your image must be precise. Overdoing a photo can lead to a misleading product representation to a customer. Check your height, width, DPI and file type before saving your file.

5. Finalization

Save your file and make sure to compress them to have lesser file size in loading in websites. You can use free file compression such as TinyPNG. Save your file as PSD, TIFF or JPEG for ready to use online. Create an seo friendly filename to rank your images online.


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What types of images do you edit?

Our range of editing are from apparel, jewelry, real estate, wedding and studio photographs. We edit a lot of images from photographers and companies around the world.

How much does it  cost to edit the images?

The cost depends on the difficulty or category of the image. If its only background removal it ranges from $ .49 cents upwards. Difficult images that needs time to edit can start from $ 1 up.

What is the turn around time?

The turn around time can be from 12 hours to 24 hours depending on the price and volume of your images.