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Jewelry Photo Retouching



Jewelry photo retouching is a process of enhancing the aesthetic value of jewelry images by retouching them or by digitally altering specific elements. The process of retouching can be done by using photo editing software like Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop. Photo retouching at photo editing company offers a wide range of jewelry retouching services including removing dust and scratch in the photo, removing  the backgrounds, creating shadows, diamond polishing, changing jewelry colors, adjust brightness and contrast and more.


Our Jewelry Photo Editing Services

Full list of services we provide for jewelers and online stores.

Dust & Scratch Clean Up

With careful attention to detail, we enhance the luster and sparkle of each piece, creating captivating visuals that showcase your jewelry in its best light


Jewelry Shadow Creation

With careful attention to detail and lighting, we ensure that each shadow complements the jewelry, adding depth and dimension to your photos. Let us bring out the full beauty of your jewelry with our precise shadow creation techniques.


Repainting Shine on Metal

Using advanced techniques, we enhance the reflective properties of each metal, creating stunning visuals that highlight the craftsmanship of your jewelry. Let us rejuvenate the shine of your pieces with our expert repainting techniques.


Diamond Polishing

Through careful retouching techniques, we ensure each facet shines brightly, creating stunning visuals that showcase the beauty of your jewelry.


Jewelry Color Correction

From adjusting the hues of gemstones to refining the tones of metal, we enhance every aspect of your jewelry to perfection. Let us elevate the vibrancy and elegance of your pieces with our expert color correction and editing techniques.


Jewelry Shine Enhancement

We excel in enhancing the overall appeal and shine of your pieces. With meticulous attention to detail, we emphasize the brilliance and sparkle of gemstones and metals, ensuring they radiate with captivating allure.


Background Removal

With expert precision, we eliminate distractions and create a seamless backdrop, enhancing the focus on your subject. We specialize in meticulously cleaning and removing backgrounds, ensuring your subject stands out beautifully


High-End Jewelry Retouching

From enhancing gemstones to refining metal details, we tailor each edit to showcase the unique beauty of your jewelry. Let us bring creativity and sophistication to your jewelry photos, leaving a lasting impression on your audience

Jewelry Photo Retouching Online Company

Why you need to edit your jewelry image?

Jewelries are precious items that are highly valuable because of their rarity and demand. Selling your jewelry online needs to be highly presentable. First, you have to clean up all necessary blemishes and dirt visible in the product. Second, you have to perform a jewelry retouching wherein most of the small spots are removed. Third, you need to color correct images because they need to be vibrant. Lastly, resize, cropping and other adjustments need to be done to finalize the image.

What are the types of Jewelry you edit?

There are different kinds of jewelry that we edit, here are the list.

  • Necklace
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Bangles
  • Pendants
  • and many more

How much does it cost to edit a jewelry?

The cost of editing a jewelry is $ .80 cents upward depending on the time spent by the photo editor. Each image has its own requirement and is categorized as easy and hard. Moreover, easy images have minor spots or blemishes while hard images needs 30 minutes or more to finish.

How to take photos of Jewelry using a Camera?

You can use a DSLR camera or high end mobile phone to take a photo of your jewelry. Taking photographs of jewelry needs a high resolution camera in order to capture every detail. Having a highly detailed image gives the customers idea of your product. Most companies hire professional jewelry photographers to do the job. Moreover, this can save you time and give you professional looking images. Furthermore, you can DIY your photoshoot of your products by simply going here: The Ultimate Guide in Jewelry Photography.

Can you change the color of my jewelry?

Yes, we can change any color of your jewelry to have variations. There are many services we provide in jewelry manipulations. Here are the list:

  • Change Diamond Stone
  • Color Change on Jewelry
  • Apply Sparkling Effect
  • Change Rose Gold, White Gold, Silver
  • Create Luxury Band

Precious Jewelry Products Sold Online

Discover how to improve your jewelry online selling using our photo retouching service.