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Different Types of Jewelry

There are numerous types of jewelry for various occasions. Almost everybody wears jewelry of some kind but only a pro has deep knowledge about what should be worn. Types of jewelry vary from head ornaments to feet ornaments. Some of them are listed below for your knowledge.

Jewelry for Head


Head jewelry includes ornaments to wear on hairs and for the head. Following are some types of jewelry for head. 

Crowns are the unique ornaments for the head which are available in different shapes, sizes, types, and materials. Most famous among crowns is a tiara, which is common among brides. Tiara is for the formal functions especially when the dress code is white. Along with this, there are coronet, makuta, circlet, corolla, and diadem. 


Initially, hats were also formal wear but now they are available in different forms. People use it for formal occasions, trips, picnics, Halloween, etc. They can be a shelter from direct sunlight and can also serve as a modern yet historic ornaments. 


A fascinator is a headpiece alternative to a hat. Well, it is not a complete alternative but it is worn in formal functions by ladies. Have you seen the royal wedding? Almost every lady was wearing a unique yet beautiful fascinator on her head. 


Hairpins are used to secure or hold the hairs in a specific position. They were made to be used in hairstyling but now they are usually seen as hair decorator. As they decorate the hair and give a nice look which can go along very well with the dress. 

Jewelry for Ears

Following are some types of jewelry for ears:


Earrings are famous in Asia and middle east part of the world, although it has become a trend in the west part of the world too. There are mainly two types of earrings, one which is worn without piercing and the one which requires piercing. They are worn by both genders but their types vary according to area and civilization.

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Ear Tops

Ear tops are just very small ornaments for ears. They are worn by making ahold in the earlobe with a sharp needle. Ear tops are made of a good metal which cannot cause allergy and of a good glass. Both men and women wear it according to their traditions.

Jewelry for Neck

Most common among neck jewelry are necklace, choker and bolo tie. Following are some types of jewelry for neck.


The necklace is further available in different types such as casual, formal wear, or a decorated one for a wedding. In some parts of the world necklaces are also part of their culture, hence they wear it every day. While some people only use it as a beautiful ornament for a function.   

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A choker is another type of necklace, but it a tight close-fitting around the neck. They can be made of different materials such as velvet, leather, beads, stones, etc. In African parts of the world, women wear glass or gold chokers.

Bolo Tie

Bolo tie which is also known as shoestring necktie consists of a metal or stone ornament tied with a braided leather strip. They can be made with any beautiful eye-catching or even religious thing. Coins, stones, magnets, bottle opener, clips, etc are an example of the things which can be used in a bolo tie.

Jewelry for arms

Following are some types of jewelry for arms:

Cufflinks are used on formal dress shirts to secure the cuffs. They are common among business wears of men and even women. They can of various materials depending on the type of shirt and its design. However, the most common are leather, metal, glass and stone cufflinks.


Bangles were first originated in the middle east part of the world. Bracelets are always plain ornament usually made up of glass and metal. However, their shape can vary from circle to square. Bangles are a part of a tradition in the Middle East Asian countries so the women of these areas are always seen wearing bangles. 


Bracelet is a loose type of jewelry worn around the wrist. They are available in different designs, from thin to the broad ones. In old times, soldiers and people wore broad steel bracelet to avoid the sword mark in wars. But nowadays they serve many purposes such as a bond between friends in the form of a friendship bracelet. Or in religious ways, many people use it as a gospel bracelets. 

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Armlet or arm ring is an armband. Many people know it by the name upper arm bracelet. It is usually made up of metal. However, armlet can be made of velvet or any moldable material. They are worn on biceps of arms. They are made in a way which fits the bicep of a person wearing it so that it does not fall and does not clog the blood in veins. 

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Jewelry for Hands

Following are some types of jewelry for hands:


The ring is the most famous and common jewelry ornament worn by both men and women. They are made of stones, metals, wood, plastic, glass, etc. Rings hold an important position in various occasions. Such as:

  • Champion ring for the champion of the match in north America.
  • Engagement ring when two people tie the knot before marriage.
  • Promise ring when people make promises.
  • Class ring for graduates to wear on the graduation ceremony.
  • wedding ring which depicts that the person wearing it is married. 
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Slave Bracelet

In ancient times, the slave bracelet was used to chain the prisoner. But in modern times, women wear it as an ornament. It consists of a bracelet along with the five rings each for one finger. Gold, silver and bronze slave bracelets are most common.

Jewelry for Feet

Following are some types of jewelry for feet:

Feet Rings

Feet rings are just like the hand rings but smaller in size. They are mostly found to be made of metal and glass. Some people wear it to look beautiful while it is a tradition in some areas of the world.


An anklet is a bracelet to wear around the anklet. It is also known as ankle string while in Asian countries people call it payal. They are thin loose bracelets made of metals such as gold, silver or bronze. Unmarried girls are fond of anklet.

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