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Editing Images Using Photoshop

Brightness and Contrast Adjusting the brightness makes the image more visible due to higher lighting condition. You can either light up an image or darken it. Contrast however adjusts the tonal range of an image where the dark gets darker and white gets whiter. To better understand: Here is a Tutorial about Applying Brightness and Contrast Brightness and Contrast Curves In a Curves Adjustment tool, it is a way of adjusting the Shadows, Midtones and Highlights using a control point line. Moving the

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Software 2019

Top 10 Photo Editing Software to watch out! Adobe Photoshop CC One of the most powerful photo editing application that anyone can use. Anything that a photo editing may need is all here. This application is still the number 1 choice as an image editing tools for the most artist.Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC This is a new photo editing application created by Adobe which stripped down all the needed tools that are based on cloud storage. Lightroom mostly concentrates on a

Photography Terms and Definition

Photography is defined as the art or practice of taking and processing photos. There are various terms one should familiarize themselves with if the intend to enter the industry. These are some of the common terms; 1.Aperture – This is an opening or a hole within the camera lens which allows light to travel from the object being captured to the image sensor or photo film. It is flexible and can be adjusted to control the amount of light entering the