The Ultimate Guide To Packshot Photography When you look around, you could easily see the drastic effects of technological advancement in the entire world. Digital marketing strategies are not strangers to such reforms. And one of these strategies is packshot photography. Learn how to capture professional-looking packshot images in this guide.  What is Packshot Photography? We can define packshot or packaging shot images as a product’s image that includes packaging or labeling. Packshot photography aids in communicating a brand’s integrity and well-roundedness. When executed

The Ultimate Guide to Jewelry Photography | Tips & Tricks

What is Jewelry Photography? Have you ever looked at a photo of a jewelry piece and said, “Wow, that’s so pretty! I need to have this!” Well, that’s the magic of jewelry photography. It’s a specific branch of product photography that focuses on displaying, shooting, and editing all kinds of expensive jewelries. Continue reading below as we teach you how to take chic bling photos. Types of Jewelry Photography Before we go to the nit and grit of how to shoot jewelry, you

The Ultimate Guide to Model Photography | Tips & Trick What is Model Photography? Model photography is another branch of commercial photography covering shoots in, but not limited to, the fashion industry. It’s where a model poses for a photographer, whether it’s in a studio or specific location. Models can also use these photos for their portfolios. What are the Best Practices and Techniques for Working with Models? Before we get into the different poses your model can do to make your shot stunning,

A Beginner’s Guide to Jewelry Photography

Jewelries are precious commodities that increase in value over time. Gold is often regarded as a safe haven for most businessmen especially during economic crash. The value of Gold and other Gems or jewelry is always increasing due to the demand of most costumers. Jewelry Photography This is a definitive guide on how you can take photos of your jewelry and turn them into high quality images. The process starts by taking photos of your rings, gemstones and necklaces. What is Jewelry Photography?Taking

The Ultimate Guide in Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is a high demand business as property value keep on soaring this 2020. Taking pictures of properties both residential and commercial has increased over the years. Real estate agents and brokerage companies post high quality images for there clients. To achieve a high quality picture for real estate online posting here are the guide in taking real estate properties. Learn how to take real estate photography to the next level by preparing, executing and delivering the best

Types of Photography

There are tons of different types of photography. Here is an extensive list of various kinds that you can master as a niche. Photography is a rising industry that creates stunning photographs across the globe. Abstract Forget about objects; this photography style is about conceptual images. But your gear must be the best among others. They are what will bring life to the images. Adventure Add daredevil outdoor activities with photography. We have adventure photographers. Capture the most death-defying moments

20 Cool Tips in Real Estate photography for Beginners

Real-estate market is a booming industry, and so is real-estate photography. As properties move on and off the market, agents compete to attract customers with the best photos. If you are a newbie to the real-estate photography market, you need to learn the tricks of the trade. The tips will help you to become an ace real-estate photographer.  Here are 20 ways to juice up your real-estate photography for clients. Property Scanning Before you start shooting, a walkthrough of the property


Professional Cameras used by Photographers What is the best camera to use for photography?. Here are the list of best cameras the photographers use. We pick out cameras for beginners, snappers, enthusiasts and professionals. These are trending cameras of 2020 in market. Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / 250D (For Beginners) The Canon EOS Rebel SL3 (EOS 250D in the UK) is a massive camera for beginners, because although it costs a little more than entry-level models like the Nikon D3500, it has

Top 10 Camera Gears to Use for your Photography Business

Top 10 Camera Gears to Buy in Photography

Turning photography from a hobby to viable business is not that simple. There are many considerations you have to take and sacrifices to make. One of which is to invest in camera gears and accessories. Along with your skills, they play a major role in coming up with great photographs. Though great photography skills are the keys to get mesmerizing shots, camera gears are tools that make up great photos.  For starters, purchasing camera gears and accessories can be quite expensive.