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Plus-size Boudoir

10 Great Poses for Beautiful Plus-Size Boudoir Photos

This guide helps plus-size models and photographers take flattering photos. The article helps you look confident in photos and gives tips for getting ready for a photo shoot, like choosing clothes and feeling good. Whether you’re new to boudoir photography or just want new pose ideas, this guide can help. Start this journey with us.

Boudoir photography shows off all body types, helping people feel good about themselves. It goes against what society says is perfect and focuses on each person’s unique beauty, flaws and all. Boudoir promotes self-love and strength, no matter what size you are. Plus-size boudoir can help boost confidence and highlight your beauty.

Everyone can do a boudoir shoot because all bodies are beautiful. By posing the right way, you can show off your beauty in amazing photos.

Preparing for Your Plus-Size Boudoir Session

To do well in a plus-size boudoir photo shoot, prepare your mind and body. Pick clothes and accessories that make you happy and represent who you are.

Getting ready mentally means accepting your body, getting rid of negative thoughts, and thinking positively about the photo shoot.

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your plus-size boudoir session:

  • Choose lingerie that fits well and makes you feel confident.
  • Consider bringing a robe or cover-up for between shots.
  • Bring accessories and props that reflect your personality.
  • Practice self-love and body positivity.
  • Communicate with your photographer about your comfort level and vision for the shoot.
  • Relax and have fun!

Remember, a boudoir session is a celebration of you. So, prepare in a way that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Most importantly, enjoy the process!

10 Poses for Plus-Size Boudoir Photoshoot

Pose 1: The Reclined Goddess

Lie on your back with relaxed legs for the Reclined Goddess pose. It is elegant and sensual and highlights your curves. Find a comfy spot, position your legs naturally, and feel beautiful in this classic pose.

the reclined goddess

The Reclined Goddess pose looks great with different outfits. It works with lacy lingerie or a silky robe, making you feel like a goddess.

Pose 2: The Side Sizzle

Side Sizzle is a sexy pose that shows off your curves. Lie on your side, lift your head with your hand, bend your knees, and position your legs to look good. Touch your face or play with your hair to make it look even better.

The Side Sizzle

The Side Sizzle looks good with different clothes, like lingerie or big shirts. It helps make your boudoir photos captivating and boosts your confidence.

Pose 3: The Confident Sit

The Confident Sit is a powerful pose that shows confidence and grace. Sit on a chair or bed with your back straight and shoulders back. Cross your legs at the ankles, put your hands on your thighs or a prop, lift your chin, and look confident. Great for showing your personality and making a strong statement.

The Confident Sit

The Confident Sit pose is great for any outfit, from lingerie to a simple robe. It’s about feeling confident in your skin and owning your space. It’s a must-try for your plus-size boudoir session.

Pose 4: The Beautiful Back

The Beautiful Back pose shows off your back strength and beauty. You can do it standing, sitting, or lying down. Try different angles by facing away from the camera, looking over your shoulder, and placing your hands on your hips or in your hair. Keep your back straight and shoulders relaxed for a classy look.

The Beautiful Back

The Beautiful Back pose is good for showing off your back in outfits like a lace bodysuit or backless dress. It shows confidence and grace and works well for a plus-size boudoir photo session.

Pose 5: The Casual Lean

The Casual Lean pose shows off curves in a relaxed and comfy way. Cross one leg over the other, lean against something, and position your hands. Keep your posture straight and look relaxed.

The Casual Lean

This pose works well with many outfits, from lingerie to a basic shirt and jeans. It gives off a confident and laid-back vibe, perfect for a plus-size boudoir photo shoot.

Pose 6: The Elegant Stand

Boudoir photographers use standing poses like the Elegant Stand to make your body look longer, bring out your confidence, and show off your curves. To do this pose, stand up straight with one foot in front, and put your hands on your hips or at your sides. Make sure your shoulders are back and your chin is up.

The Elegant Stand

The Elegant Stand is a great pose for any outfit you choose. Whether you’re wearing a sexy lingerie set or a comfortable robe, this pose will make you feel beautiful and self-assured.

Pose 7: The Playful Prop

Props in boudoir photos are fun and make you feel comfortable. Choose a prop you like, such as a feather boa or a favorite book, to show your personality. Hold or touch the prop in a natural way for a Playful Prop pose.

The Playful Prop

The prop should enhance your photo, not take attention away from you. Enjoy using the prop, but don’t make it the main point. The Playful Prop pose lets you show your style and have a good time during your photo session.

Pose 8: The Bold Silhouette

In boudoir photos, silhouettes use light and shadow to show off curves. To do the Bold Silhouette pose, stand in front of a light like a window or lamp to make a strong shadow.

Be confident when doing this pose. Stand straight and pose in a way that makes you feel strong. The Bold Silhouette pose is a great way to celebrate your body in a boudoir photo.

Pose 9: The Close-Up

Boudoir photos show who you are and your personal things. The Close-Up pose focuses on your face or a specific detail, like a smile or jewelry, to show what matters to you.

The Close-Up

Boudoir photos should make you feel good about yourself. The Close-Up pose helps highlight your favorite features. It’s a nice way to show your unique self in a personal photo.

Pose 10: The Floor Flourish

The Floor Flourish pose is good for bigger people in boudoir photos. You can lie down on your side, back, or stomach. Find a pose that shows off your curves and makes you feel good. If needed, use pillows or blankets for more comfort.

the floor flourish

Boudoir photography is about celebrating your body and feeling beautiful. The Floor Flourish pose can help with this, giving you comfort and elegance in one pose.

Tips for Photographers

To have a successful plus-size boudoir session, talk openly with the client about poses, clothes, and what they want. This will make sure they feel safe and confident.

Be kind and helpful. Guide the client through poses and give them praise to help them feel comfortable.

Always respect the client’s limits. If they don’t like a pose or outfit, try something else. The client’s comfort is the most important thing.

Importance of Lighting and Angles

Good lighting and different angles are key in boudoir photography. They create a mood and highlight the model’s curves. Soft lighting gives a romantic feel, and changing light sources adds variety. Adjusting angles can make features stand out or appear softer.

Low angles make the model look strong, while high angles show flexibility. Always consider the model’s comfort when choosing angles.

Choosing the Right Wardrobe and Lingerie

Choosing the right wardrobe for a plus-size boudoir shoot can greatly enhance the overall look and feel of the photos. The right pieces can accentuate curves, boost confidence, and add a personal touch to the images.

When selecting outfits, consider the following tips:

  • Wear pieces that make you feel good and sure of yourself. Confidence shows in photos and can really make a difference.
  • Choose lingerie that holds you up well and shows off your best features. Try a corset that emphasizes your waist, or a bralette that flaunts your chest.
  • Don’t stick to just black. It’s a popular choice, but try out different colors that go with your skin tone.
  • Don’t forget to mix in non-lingerie items like a big sweater or a loose shirt for a different, chill look.

Remember, the goal is to feel beautiful and comfortable. Choose pieces that make you feel like the best version of yourself.


Boudoir photo editing is crucial for making pictures look polished. A skilled photographer will use editing to enhance photos without altering your appearance. They want to highlight your natural beauty.

Editing may involve adjusting lighting, enhancing colors, and fixing small imperfections like stray hairs or wrinkles. The goal is to create images that make you feel beautiful and confident. The final result should celebrate you just as you are.


A plus-size boudoir session is not just taking pictures. It’s about celebrating your body, feeling good about yourself, and seeing your beauty in a new way. Remember, everyone can do a boudoir session. Embrace your curves, love yourself, and let your confidence show.

Your boudoir photos show your beauty and strength. Carry that confidence with you in your daily life. You are beautiful as you are.

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