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What is Image Sensor

An image sensor is a device that allows the camera to convert photons – that is, light – into electrical signals that can be interpreted by the device. The first digital cameras used charge-coupled devices, facilitating movement of the electrical charge…

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What is Depth of Field

As a result, depth of field (DoF) is the distance between the nearest and furthest elements in a scene that appear to be “acceptably sharp” in an image. The distance between the camera and the first element that is considered to…

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What is Metering Mode

Metering Modes describes the process of how your camera decides to assign the right shutter speed and aperture based on the amount of light the camera can be pick up. To put it simply, metering is a way for modern…

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Focal Length

The focal length of the lens is the distance between the lens and the image sensor when the subject is in focus, usually stated in millimeters (e.g., 28 mm, 50 mm, or 100 mm). In the case of zoom lenses, both…

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What is White Balance

White balance is used to adjust colors to match the colors of the light source so that white objects appear white.  Subjects may be lit by a number of different light sources, including sunlight, incandescent bulbs, and fluorescent lighting. What…

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What is a Histogram

A histogram is a graph that measures the brightness of an images by representing the frequency of each tone as a value on a bar chart. The horizontal axis moves from pure black on the left side of the histogram,…

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What is Exposure

Exposure is one of the most fundamental Photography terms.  When you take a picture, you press the shutter button to open a camera’s aperture, and light streams in, triggering a response from a sensor. Exposure is the amount of light…

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What is Shutter Speed?

Shutter Speed is exactly what is sound like: It's the speed at which the shutter of the camera closes. A fast shutter speed creates a shorter exposure, the amount of the light camera takes in and a slow shutter speed…

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What is Aperture

Aperture is a fundamental part of Photography. It makes up one - third of the exposure triangle and is relevant to every photo you take. Aperture gives you creative control over exposure and depth of field. If you're getting started…

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