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What Is ISO?

ISO refers to International Standards Organization. In photography, ISO defines sensitivity of a film or digital imaging device to light. It can be set by a photographer or automatically selected by a camera depending on aperture, shutter speed and lighting…

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Photography Terms for Newbies

There are various photography terms one should familiarize themselves with if the intend to enter the industry. These are some of the common terms; Aperture This is an opening or a hole within the camera lens which allows light to…

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Top 10 Photography Websites

Photography Websites are the place every photographer looks for in order to enhance or better their skills whether they are beginners or professionals. With the help of such websites, one can not only find tutorials or more for their learnings…

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Perfect Photography

Tips to Perfect Photography

Are you interested in doing photography and looking to enhance the beauty of your photos while capturing memories? Photography is a skill and art that allows you to use your creativity to capture amazing shots. I will be sharing tips…

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Types Of Photography

Types of Photography

Photography is a fascinating and varied art form that lets people capture and share the world in creative ways. It includes many different styles, each with its own focus. There are different types of photography, such as, portrait photography that…

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