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Different Types of Jewelry

There are numerous types of jewelry for various occasions. Almost everybody wears jewelry of some kind but only a pro has deep knowledge about what should be worn. Types of jewelry vary from head ornaments to feet ornaments. Some of them are listed below for your knowledge. Jewelry for head Head jewelry includes ornaments to wear on hairs and for the head. Following are some types of jewelry for head.  Crowns Crowns are the unique ornaments for the head which are available in different

How to Create a GIF in Photoshop

The Graphics Interchange Format or GIF files are the best way to express your imagination as visual representation. GIFs are not only small in size, they don’t need any particular program to be installed on your computer to open. Although a plethora of websites offer GIF creation services at absolutely no cost, you don’t have much control over the final output. This approach is even more unreliable if you want to create a GIF for your business, and keeping it copyright

Free Lightroom Preset

Free Lightroom preset is available here for you to work faster and do your editing is half time. Our collection of free lightroom presets includes lightroom presets for weddings, street, summer, portraits, landscape photography and many more. We provide free of cost lightroom preset for the photo editors who need to finish their work in half the time. Besides, even the non-professionals and newbies can use this lightroom for their work. It will be handy for them as they will

How to resize an image in Photoshop

Introduction To better understand how to resize a photo in Photoshop, we will be discussing below how it is done. By using the image size tool you can adjust height, width, resolution and even percent, pixel, inches, centimeters. Steps 1. Open your File in Photoshop 2. Click File > Image Size Alt + Ctrl + I Image Size 3. Adjust Height and Width of your Image Resize from width 4,575 px by height 6,866px 4. Change the width and height of the image to resize the photo. Resize

Photoshop Tools

Learn the basic tools to use in Adobe Photoshop. Zoom tool (Z) The zoom tool allows you to zoom in and out of your photo in Photoshop. This enables you to see the smallest details in an image. The zoom tool is very important when editing an image because you can easily see up close of the image. Hand tool (H) Hand Tool is widely used by professional photo editors in order to go across areas in the image where you can drag your

Food Photography and Food Photo Editing

An Introduction to Post-Processing in Food Photography Post-Processing is a process used to transform photos from what was captured in a camera either to be closer to what our eyes saw or to alter the image artistically. When a photo is taken during the shoot; it is usually raw, bare and lacks color. Post-processing in food photography is important. It enhances the food images by adding extra color and improving the photo’s quality. Post-processing Improves: Photographs can often be improved by making adjustments to them, such as: •   

DIY Real Estate Photography Tips

What is real estate photography? Real estate photography is a definition for a photograph of a building or interior that captures the appearance of the subject by using special lighting and real estate photography camera settings. Real estate photography is one of today’s most in-demand service in the market. Buyers are after well-photographed images like gardens, interior spaces, homes, and offices.  What to Do Before the Shoot 1.     Have a standard shot list for Each Property. While no two homes are identical, there

Editing Images Using Photoshop

Photoshop Tools that you can Use Brightness and Contrast Adjusting the brightness makes the image more visible due to higher lighting condition. You can either light up an image or darken it. Contrast however adjusts the tonal range of an image where the dark gets darker and white gets whiter. To better understand: Here is a Tutorial about Applying Brightness and Contrast Brightness and Contrast Curves In a Curves Adjustment tool, it is a way of adjusting the Shadows, Midtones and Highlights using a