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A Beginner’s Guide to Photography

Photography is the most effective way to capture the world – what with the power of social media and other online platforms to deliver messages and information through images. If you want to learn the photography basics, here’s a free complete

Types of Photography

There are tons of different types of photography. Here is an extensive list of various kinds that you can master as a niche. Photography is a rising industry that creates stunning photographs across the globe. Abstract Forget about objects;

Benefits of Photo Editing to your Business

Digital photography’s role is vital from a marketing perspective of any business. An attractive edited picture and images represent the brand and send a message in the best attainable manner. It makes photo editing a vital part of any

How to Edit Jewelry Photo

Introduction Jewelry is a commodity where most of its value depends on the demand. Luckily in the jewelry industry demand is always there for most wealthy people. Luxury and lifestyle has always been the epitome of success for most of

Post Processing in Lightroom

The ultimate guide in post-processing your images using Adobe Lightroom after a photo shoot. Processing images can take time however learning each tool will enable you to expedite the process of adjusting your photos. Here is a sample original photo of

The role of a Photo Editor Job

Also known as a Photo Editor, is an expert who reviews, collects, and pick photographs or illustrations for publication in arrangement with preset guidelines.  These publications include a website, magazine, art galleries, newspapers, and corporate products. In choosing illustrations and