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Ecommerce Samples
ecommerce samples

Ghost Mannequin

Ghost mannequin is an example of a product shot wherein we merge the back and front of the image making an illusion of having no mannequin inside the product. Take 2 photos of your product then we will retouch the image and merge them into 1.

What we Do

  • Skin Retouching
  • Remove Blemishes and Spots
  • Retouch Creases of Dress
  • Symmetrically Align
  • Liquify, Crop and Resize
Packshot Product Retouching BeforePackshot Product Retouching After

Packshot Product Retouching

Create a high end version of your product by improving the overall look of your image. This process involves extensive retouching and alteration of the product making it 100% perfect.

What we Do

  • Removal of Folds, Creases
  • Alteration of Parts of Product
  • Enhancing the Contrast of your Image
  • Improving the Highlights

Transparent Background

Transparency is often used as an effect that adds depth to a scene or design, which often gives it more dimension and realism.

What we Do

  • Adjust Brightness & Contrast
  • Photo Color Correction
  • Remove Background (masking)
  • Noise reduction

Creating Shadows

Creating shadows is a very easy way to highlight features of your product. But it also gives a sense of depth and dimension to objects on your page. It adds more personality, charm and style.

What we Do

  • Drop Shadows
  • Image Straightening
  • Shadow Midtones, Highlight Adjustments
Photo Retouching Kids

Wrinkles Removal

Removing the wrinkles in your e-commerce photo for your online business is the best decision you make. This service help you boost your sales and make your brand standouts.

What we Do

  • Image Straightening
  • Photo Retouching
  • Image Sharpening
Clipping Path BeforeClipping Path After

Clipping Path

A clipping path service can remove your background of your image using a photo editing software. It is a closed vector path, or shape, usually drawn with photoshop “pen tool” to cut out an image from its background.

What we Do

  • Cut out background
  • Cropping & Resizing
  • Changing black or white background

Symmetrical Align Clothing

A Garment is symmetric when all left and right parts of the garment are identical in shape and size but mirror image of each other. Our team can do symmetrical alignment of your ecommerce clothing and make it look so attractive to get the attention of the potential buyers.

What we Do

  • Clothing Alignment
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Adjusting the colors
  • Image Straightening

Product Photo Cleaning

When you capture your ecommerce product images there are tendencies that you also capture the unwanted elements such as dirt, unwanted reflection, spots, scratch and more. These elements will make your product photos unattractive, in this case product photo cleaning is the best option to help you create a professional looking images.

What we Do

  • Spot retouching
  • Reflection removal
  • Color correction
  • Scratches and dirt retouching

Product File Renaming

The name of your product is one of the aspects that represents your brand, clear and catchable product name with understandable  description will  help the buyers to analyze that your product is reliable and give them the idea of what your product are use for. We, here are at photo editing company will help you in this process.

What we Do

  • Make the name visible
  • Make is clear and catchable
  • Remove the unnecessary letters
  • Change the file name if necessary

Cropping & Resizing

We do cropping and resizing of any ecommerce images. This service will help you resize the image before posting it on your websites. We can also help you change your file format into JPG, PNG, PSD, PDF, and any format you wanted.

What we Do

  • Change the size into (1000px ) x ( 1000px)
  • Change the format
  • Image resizing

Product Photo Restoration

Enhancing your old product images and turn it into new looking one is called ” Photo Restoration “. Photo restoration is the best technique of selling online. People nowadays rely on online shopping, and the  most appealing photos catches their attention and make them wants to  buy. Restore and improve your ecommerce images to boost the sales of your online business.

What we Do

  • Enhance the images
  • Restore every details of the photo
  • Color enhance

Drop Shadow

Creating shadows on the picture will add its own features expression, it makes the photo look more interesting. Our expert photo editor can help you do the process of creating drop shadow.

What we Do

  • Create drop shadow
  • Retouching
  • Creating reflection

Image Compression

Our team can compress your 2 different images and make it look as one. This technique is used when you want to change the look of your ecommerce photo into a small compass and definite shape. Discover how our team improve your photographs.

What we Do

  • Compress the image
  • Image rendering
  • Photo enhancement
  • Create visual effects
  • Cutting & pasting photographs

Image Sharpening

Image sharpening is one of the technique to enhance your ecommerce images to make it good looking online. Hire a photo professional photo editor for your ecommerce business.

What we Do

  • Hue Saturation Adjustments
  • White Balance Adjustment
  • Adjust Brightness & Contrast
Image Masking BeforeImage Masking After

Image Masking

When you are “masking” an image while photo editing, it means you’re limiting where a certain layer or adjustment is visible. A mask allows you to adjust a certain portion of your image while leaving the rest completely untouched. Masking adjustments give you precise control of how and where photo editing adjustments take place.

What we Do

  • Alpha Channel
  • Background removal
  • Hide the unwanted area