Jewelry Photo Editing

Editing Jewellery Images

Jewelry photo editing service is necessary in every jewelry image need to be real and sparkling. One of the most difficult images or product to edit is jewelry. They require extensive scrutiny in terms of editing the bands and diamonds on top. Our jewelry photo editing service is an all in one stop for every jewelers store owner.

A good jeweler owner sell the real products online, sometimes an over retouched image can deceive a buyer. Editing a jewelry needs attention to detail especially with small items. During a photoshoot often times small strands of clothe hair or blemishes will be visible. The only way to remove it is carefully removing the spots while maintaining the jewelries original image.

The first step in editing a jewelry is to determine the small spots that are visible and after that we then remove the larger unwanted objects. Colors will then be adjusted to the right color. A well done jewelry photo needs to be real and not deceivable to a client.

Our company can provide you high quality jewelry retouching. We always deliver the highest quality editing when it comes to jewelries.

How Jewelry is Edited to Perfection

  • Understand the client’s specification on how images will look like
  • Remove any imperfections on the image
  • Retouch only the blemishes and maintain the original state of the jewelry
  • Adjust carefully the brightness and contrast of the photo
  • Color Correct the image
  • Make the stones, studs and band shining
  • Overall make the photo as real as the original image

Brightness and Contrast

Jewelry needs brightness and contrast in order to enhance the quality of diamonds.

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