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12 Useful Tools for Removing Image Backgrounds

You have a problem: the image you want to put up on your website or social media accounts has a bad or non-brand background. Now you want to remove it. But how?

The good news is there are many ways to remove unwanted background from your images. From software programs to online tools, check the 13 possible ways to remove backgrounds below.

Use Desktop Software Programs

You can download or purchase various desktop software programs online that allow you to remove the background of your image with a professional and clean output. Some of these programs include:

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has different versions. But whatever version you have on your laptop or computer, the tools listed below are the best to use to remove the background of your image.

1. Marquee Tool

If you’re dealing with backgrounds that come in simple shapes like square, oval, rectangle, or circle, you can use the Marquee Tool. The two possible types of Marquee Tool that you can use include the Rectangular Marquee Tool and the Elliptical Marquee Tool.

To remove a simple background using this tool, simply select the area of your choice and proceed to cutting and deleting the background layer that you wish to remove.

2. Lasso Tool

You can use a Lasso Tool in making loose selections. It includes the Polygonal Lasso Tool and the Magnetic Lasso Tool. The Polygonal Lasso Tool allows you to make selections manually on the background in a linear way. This tool is best used for backgrounds that have straight edges.

Meanwhile, the Magnetic Lasso Tool enables you to drag your mouse on the background edges. The good thing about Magnetic is it allows a closer, faster, and more controlled selection of the background than the Polygonal.

3. Quick Selection Tool

Do you want to make a selection based on your background’s round edges? As the name implies, the Quick Selection Tool is perfect for making a selection as fast as you want it to be. You can also easily drag your cursor on the areas that you wish to select and remove. To make a clean cut, ensure that you tweak the background edges using the Refine Edge tool.

4. Magic Wand Tool

This tool allows you to make a selection as to where you direct your mouse. Most of the time, the Magic Wand Tool can select areas perfectly especially if it’s a high-quality image. However, compared to other selection tools that select the background pixels, Magic Wand selects the tone and color of the photo’s background. That’s why you need to ensure that your photo has the ideal size and resolution to avoid messy cuts.

5. Background Eraser Tool

Have you decided to use the Brush Method to remove the background of your image? Then, the Eraser Tool is your best friend. This tool erases the pixel information of an image like that of a real eraser. But the difference between this tool and the real eraser is that you can change the shape of your eraser in Photoshop with the use of brushes. With this feature, you can modify the hardness, flow, and texture of your erasure.

Microsoft Office

Who says you can only compose documents and create presentations with the Microsoft Office suite? You can also remove the background using two of its commonly used programs, namely Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Powerpoint

Microsoft Powerpoint is a simple tool that you can use to remove the simple backgrounds of an image. While it may not be as detailed as Adobe products, MS Powerpoint can suffice for less complicated tasks. It can be used if you don’t have immediate access to Photoshop or any online tools.

To remove a background from an image, select the image, look for the Format tab on the Ribbon, and select the Remove Background located on the far left side of your screen.

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is more than just a word processor. You can use it as a tool to remove the background of your image, especially the photo you attach to your Word document. MS Word as a background removal tool may not deliver sophisticated results as Adobe Photoshop but it’s good enough if you have a simple image with a clear subject.

Similar to MS Powerpoint, look for the Format tab on the Ribbon upon selecting the image and click the Remove Background located on the far left side of your screen.


Looking for an alternative to Photoshop? GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation Program is the answer to that. GIMP can be downloaded for free, and removing background using this program is mostly similar to Adobe Photoshop. It has tools such as the Fuzzy Select tool that can help you remove a background from an image quickly.

Utilize Online Tools

Who says you can only use software programs to remove the background? If you have limited space on your laptop or computer to accommodate more programs, worry not. The internet has vast editing tools that you can use. Here are four online tools for your image background removal:


Product photographs should ideally have little to no background elements to ensure that the target audience’s focus is on the product alone. If you’re dealing with product images that have a messy background, FotoFuze is your best solution. The software specifically deals with product photography. It helps you remove poor quality background in a few steps.

PhotoScissors Online

While removing background from an image, you may probably wish there’s a tool that offers automatic functions. The good news is PhotoScissors is one. This online tool allows you to automatically remove the background from an image; however, you may need to fine-tune the output especially if you have a complicated background to remove.


Purchasing software programs can be expensive. If you can’t avoid Adobe Photoshop but still want to get access to similar features, you can use Photopea as an alternative. The software provides access to tools that you can find on Adobe Photoshop, such as the Lasso Tool, Quick Selection, and Background Eraser Tool.

Clipping Magic

Have you ever heard of an online tool that uses AI technology? Well, that is Clipping Magic. This online solution can help you automatically remove unwanted backgrounds on your images using AI technology. It also allows for bulk background removal to produce uniform and professional results.

Take Better Photos

Regardless of what tool you use to remove a background from an image, the important thing that you must initially have is a good photo to work on. Before going on photo sessions, it’s better to determine firsthand what you want so you won’t have a complicated background removal process later on.


You may have the best background removal tools at your disposal; however, such tools cover only a part of the removal process. If you have photos that have subpar quality, you’ll still have difficulty in removing the background. Hence, successful photo editing all starts with a high-quality photo shoot.

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