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15 Tips for Professional Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Photography requires lots of details, lighting, and perfect shots angle. But now, you don’t need to invest in a high-quality DSLR, lighting, tripod, and other equipment to do photography.

In this digital world, everyone has a Smartphone that comes with an HD focus camera, good lighting (flashlight), and is easy to rotate for any angle. It means everything required to do Professional Jewelry Photography. However, it’s not easy to do jewelry photography without following some valuable tips. That’s why, you need 15 Best Tips to do Professional Jewelry Photography when using a Smartphone.

Jewelry Photography using Smartphone

Make use of Natural Light

If you’re doing Jewelry Photography with your smartphone, you can use natural lighting, and you need to set up your shoot in an environment where natural light illuminates your Jewelry. 

Stay in Focus

You need to handle your smartphone camera with Focus on the lens so that you’ll not click blurred photos. When you’re using a smartphone camera, you can tap on the screen where you want to focus on the object. 

Don’t use the Flash

When using natural lighting, don’t use a flashlight because smartphone flashlights have brighter colors that hide details and the beauty of jewelry.

Use Tripod

For Jewelry Photography, a camera should be placed in a fixed position, and a tripod can make your work easier to place your smartphone camera in a fixed position.

Maintain the Distance

To capture a perfect shot, you need to maintain the Distance between jewelry and your smartphone to capture complete details of the product itself.

Don’t use the Zoom

Never use the zoom features of your smartphone because it’s lower the quality of your photos. 

Use a Macro Lens

In Jewelry Photography, it’s hard to capture all the details on a smartphone. Using a macro lens with your smartphone can level up the quality and focus when using Smartphone.

Take lots of Photos

When you’re doing Jewelry Photography with a smartphone, you should take lots of photos to filter and find some perfect shots of your Jewelry photos. 

Use simple backgrounds

Your Jewelry photos only shine when the background is clean and simple so that camera is fully focused on the Jewelry and its beautiful details.

Do some editing

Once you’ve taken some successful Jewelry photos, you can do some editing to remove spots, maintain saturation and lights, and crop and rotate.

Clean and Plush your Jewelry

Before doing jewelry photography, make sure that jewelry is clean and dust-free and catches attention with its beauty.

Search for inspiration

If you want to take Professional Jewelry photos, then you should check some other professionals who clicked Jewelry photos so that you can experience the beauty and sharpness of their photography.

Check the Best mobile App for photography

Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, powerful camera applications are available. You need to search for the best camera app and check which camera captures high-quality photos like a DSLR. Install the application and use it for Jewelry photography.

Turn On your camera’s gridlines

Gridlines help you assess the proportion of the subject, and you can capture more effectively by dividing compositions properly like a professional.

Set Highest Quality Resolution

Make sure you’re setting up your camera quality at its highest so that you can capture every detail of your Jewelry.

Jewelry Photography can be easy, but post-production (photo editing) plays the most important role. Hiring a professional Jewelry retouching service provider can benefit you. 

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