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Clipping Path is a closed vector path, or shape, usually drawn with Photoshop Pen Tool to cut out an image from its background. When the clipping path is applied to an image, anything inside the path is included and everything outside the path is omitted. Use of clipping paths in the photo industry has increased dramatically in the past few years. When you cut out an image from a background using Photoshop; clipping path is the ever best method in terms of quality.

Background Removal using Pen Tool

Background Removal using Pen Tool

Tracing the edges using pen tool means background removal on objects such as square, without slums. It is a basic selection of the overall area of an object. By selecting an object in Photoshop, we can dwell the object easily in any appropriate background.  In the field of image editing, there are various techniques used-Clipping Path is one of them. When you cut out an image, it varies to the level of complexity.

One has to know that photo clipping path techniques are not limited to photography alone but are extended to the e-commerce industry as well, here’s why:

  • Visual impact: In an online shopping site, the first thing that the user sees is the image of the product and then moves on to its price list. With a striking product image in place, the user will be more attracted towards the product and influence him to buy it.

One can make this powerful impression.

  • Product display: When it comes to a shopping website, one has to showcase the right images of the products so as to lessen customer inquiries. Through photo clipping service, one can highlight the product’s various angles and provide quality photos of the product.
  • Boost sales: The photo says it all! If your products are visually brilliant and catchy, then you can expect more sales.

It is much easier to lose customers than winning them. In this highly competitive world, each brand puts its best foot forward with a drive to impress and retain buyers. Most of the e-commerce vendors hugely rely on Photoshop clipping path services for business development by painting the best picture of their brand’s products.

Image Masking BeforeImage Masking After

Image Masking

Clipping Path Photoshop BeforeClipping Path Photoshop After

Clipping Path Photoshop

  • Make the Image Background white
  • Change the Image Background
  • Create ads, Magazine Covers & lot of other items in Print Media
Amazon Clipping Path Service BeforeAmazon Clipping Path Service After

Amazon Clipping Path

Product Clipping Path BeforeProduct Clipping Path After

Product Clipping Path

  • Removing the background of images
  • Cutout or isolate the chosen images
  • Make the Image Background Transparent
Deep Etch BeforeDeep Etch After

Deep Etch

  • Save Silhouette Selection with the images for future use
  • Create desired layers, even multiple clipping path layers by multiple selections
  • Shadowing or Dropping Shadows of the Desired Image
  • Create Text or Photo Wrap for Special Effects
Photo Cut Out BeforePhoto Cut Out After

Photo Cut Out