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How to Replace the Sky in Photoshop (Step-by-step Process)

For Photographers, taking photos in perfect weather, beautiful scenes with sun & clouds in the right place is a once in a lifetime chance to capture something. So instead of waiting for the perfect weather and standing for hours for just one ideal shot, now photographers are doing sky replacement editing in their photos and making these photos realistic and ideal shots. If you’re also a passionate photographer and want to capture the beauty of beautiful weather, then rather than waiting for the perfect weather, you can do sky replacement editing in Photoshop and make your photos an ideal shot. 

In this tutorial, we’ve covered the step-by-step process of replacing the sky in Photoshop and making it more attractive and eye-catching.

How to Replace the Sky in Photoshop?

Before starting the process, some things are required for sky replacement. You need two photos, i.e., one photo for which you want to replace the sky and the second with beautiful weather that you want to replace with your desired photo so that the new sky will take over the place of the original photo and look realistic. 

But make sure both photos you’re taking for sky replacement will be similar in width and length, and it’s essential for the sky replacement process in Photoshop.

Once you’ve required Two photos, you’re ready to start the process of Sky replacement in Photoshop.

Follow the step-by-step process for sky replacement in Photoshop:

Sky Replacement Real Estate Photo Editing

Step 1 – Insert both images and Copy the Actual Image

First, you need to open Photoshop on your PC/Laptop and add both images together in Adobe Photoshop. 

But make sure the original photo must be active.

Press Ctrl+A (Windows) or Cmd+A (Mac) to select the original photo.

Once you select the original image, the outline will appear around the edges.

You can copy the clipboard, press Ctrl+C (Windows) or Cmd+C (Mac), and paste the image over the Sky image.

Step 2 – Paste Original Image over the Sky image 

Now you need to go to the Sky image and Press Ctrl+V (Windows) or Cmd+V (Mac) to paste the image over the sky image.

At Layer Panel, you’ll see the image by the name of Layer 1 over the sky image. 

Step 3 – Layer 1 Duplication

In Photoshop, there’s an advanced feature, i.e., Advanced Blending Slider, that can easily select and hide any area of an image.

For example – With this tool, you can easily hide the sky without affecting any other area of an image. But there’s one issue with using Advanced Blending Slider. When you select a blue color to remove, it removes from the sky and all the areas where blue color is used. That’s why you need to take specific actions to prevent these mistakes.

First, you need to make a copy of the original image by pressing Ctrl+J (Windows) or Cmd+J (Mac) to duplicate the layer.

Now there’s another copy created for Layer 1, i.e., Layer 1 Copy in the Layer Panel, where you can do the editing accordingly. 

Step 4 – Turn off the Layer 1 Copy

Now we don’t need Layer 1 Copy, and for this, you need to click on Visibility Icon to turn off the Layer 1 Copy.

Step 5 – Choose Layer 1

At this step, you need to activate Layer 1 by simply clicking on Layer 1 from the Layer Panel. 

At this step, you need to activate Layer 1 by simply clicking on Layer 1 from the Layer Panel. 

Now it’s time to create an outline around the original image. Make sure the selection you’ve made will protect the area of selection. You need to cover the complete image except for the weather. 

You can use Advanced Blending Slider or Standard Lasso tool as per requirements.

You need to hold the mouse until you’ve selected a complete area. 

Once you’ve selected the area via a cursor, protect the area from any changes. 

You need to zoom in for a better outline and be careful with the selections.

Step 7 – Add Layer Mask for Sky replacement

All the protected areas will be converted into a Layer Mask, and its icon will be placed at the bottom of the layer panel.

Once you’ve done the Layer Mask, you’ll see that the unselected area is removed from the image and the background sky image appears at the first layer.

This is how you’ve done the sky replacement, but some other minor changes are required to make this photo more professional and realistic.

Step 8 – Top Layer Selection and Turning On

Now, you need to activate the Layer 1 Copy by clicking on the icon of Layer 1 Copy to turn it on.

When you click on the Layer 1 copy, you’ll see the original image again.

Take your cursor to the Layer 1 Copy and double-click to open the Layer Style dialog box. 

Below, you’ll see two slide bars, i.e., Blend if you need to change to blue.

Step 9 – Setting the Tone and color of New Sky

Once you’ve changed the option to blue, the bottom slide bar will also change. 

You need to take your cursor to the small slider. 

Hold it and slightly shift to the left side; in real-time, you’ll see the magic that the original image of the sky is disappearing and the new sky color revealed beautifully. 

You need to keep sliding the bar until you’re satisfied with the new sky visibility.

Step 10 – Adjust Transition between Images

The one thing you need to improve is transition fixing, and it helps you sharpen the other areas of the image, like trees, leaves, etc., without affecting the sky.

Press Alt (For Windows) or Option (For Mac) to open the slider. 

You’ll see a slide with two sliding bars, and you can independently take your cursor and slide accordingly. 

You need to slide according to your background requirements and change to fix the transition between images. Once you’re satisfied, click Ok, and your image with beautiful sky replacement is ready.

Once you’re satisfied with all the changes, click on Export to save the new image with a beautiful sky. 

If you want to keep the quality high, you can download it in PNG Format.

Final Verdict

You can change the sky in Photoshop by following the step-by-step process. We hope this tutorial helps you know how to replace the sky in Photoshop and enhance the beauty of images. With Adobe Photoshop, it’s easy to replace the sky in the image. Now it’s your turn to use this tool, follow the steps, and enhance the beauty of the image.

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