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7 Unbeatable Cameras that can be used for Wedding Photography in 2020

It wouldn’t be amazing if wedding events are made much more beautiful and memorable by the pictures you take out in the best cameras and make it much more unique too!! Yes, weddings are important events for every Human being and what if you have a Best camera to capture your best moments and relish the memories forever!! Nowadays, people do have various ideas with their wedding and the Photographers do bring beauty out of them and also with the amazing camera’s they have, take pictures with a lot of creativity too.

Hereby, we will see the best 7 Cameras that can be used for Wedding Photography. Hence Photographers over there, stay updated and make use of this and make the wedding moments so beautiful.

The Top 7 cameras to be used for Wedding Photography are:

  • Nikon D 7500
  • Nikon D 850
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
  • Canon EOS 80 D
  • Sony A7 III
  • Sony A7R II
  • Canon EOS 5DS

Now, let’s explore the best features of each camera and beautifully make use of it.

Nikon D 7500:

When it comes to cameras, people don’t choose the normal one and that’s common too. They go with DSLR cameras which are best in terms of quality and its ease of taking pictures too. This camera is considered to be the best one for Bridal events. I would suggest this one for the fast shoot and recording and considered to be faster than earlier camera models too. The best features of this camera are

  • Crop sensor camera (APS-C sensor) which is quite less expensive
  • Continuous shooting of up to 8 Fps
  • The unbelievable low light performance of the camera- 51 focus points and 15 cross-type sensors
  • LCD Dot Tilting Touchscreen- 920K

For wedding photographers to kick start their career, this one of the awesome cameras to go with.

Nikon D 850:

If you are looking for a Camera with a good Battery life, then I would suggest you opt for this Camera. The amazing feature is it comes with 1840 shots and that’s why you know most of the professional photographers would love this Camera. Another extensive feature is its focus points which is something extraordinary. And what if you get a double slot of memory cards to take lots of photos and store maximum, is it something interesting?

  • 9Fps of Continuous shooting points which is cool
  • It’s quite advanced which is 153 point autofocus system with 99 cross-type points
  • Even the LCD Dot Tilting Touchscreen is 2.359 M

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV:

What if you get a camera with long withstanding battery life, focus points and two memory slots, you will not miss right? Yes, this is one of the best Camera that comes with a Sharp focus, so this is best for a wedding event.

  • 61 focus points and 41 cross points
  • LCD Dot fixed touchscreen-1.62 m
  • In-built Wifi, GPS and visceral touch-panel LCD to enable Photo sharing and adjusting camera options.

Canon EOS 80 D:

Among all DSLR cameras, this is considered to be the best for wedding photography. Hence, Photographers make use of this since it comes with a 45 point cross-type AF function. It has other remarkable features too

  • Sharp Viewfinder that covers 100% of the view scene
  • Full HD video up to 60p in MP4 and MOV formats
  • Great for Crop- sensor runner up
  • LCD Dot Articulating touchscreen- 1.04m

Sony A7 III:

We have looked into a few DSLR cameras, what if something comes up with a mirrorless that too with Image Stabilization!! Amazing Right? Yes, this is the one from Sony Brand with a Full frame of 24.2 MP. Not only this, but it has some other interesting features too.

  • Battery life is long for mirrorless(610 shots) and A-7 lenses
  • Weather seal and Two memory card slots
  • With less effort, photographers can make use of this camera with ease and take nice photos.
  •  Best choice for Wedding Photography.

Sony A7R II:

One of the extremely impressive cameras for all sorts of shooting you can use. Yes, either if you are nature specific or wanted to cover the top of almost, this is the best one. If you go for a wedding shoot and would like to continue without a pause, this is the one you can capture the best moments.

  • It comes with 425 focus points which are Autofocus based
  • Long battery life for mirrorless-650 shots
  • Wonderful Camera for all types of Shoot

Canon EOS 5DS:

Like other amazing DSLR cameras, this is one of the DSLR cameras for capturing realistic images with perfect nature-oriented pictures. One of the best options for Large scale Printing, FIne art and remarkable cropping features. To make the DSLR perform well, it works with dual DIGIC 6 images.

  • Full HD video at 30 P
  • 61 point Autofocus system with 41 cross points
  • A wonderful option for Continuous shooting as it has an Anti-Flicker option.


So, Photographers hereby would have got an idea about the best Top 7 cameras to be used for Wedding Photography. Photography career is the one which comes out of a lot of creativity and ideas and if the Camera is chosen appropriately, the moments captured are going to be splendid and cherish forever. Therefore, choose the best one which suits as per your shoot and make the wedding moments worthwhile.

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