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A background removal service is a process of erasing an image background by applying “clipping path” or “masking” an image using a photo editing software. Background removal also known as “knock out photo” is erasing an image background by deleting the backdrop. This is crucial to the e-commerce industry where consumers want to see products against a white background. The better to see an item for what it really is, without the noise and other elements behind it. Product photography isn’t the only thing that needs background removal service, however. It is just as useful in the fields of modeling, fashion, magazines, marketing & advertising, newspaper printing, websites, and many other industries. It’s simple and easy to remove any background.

To a busy business owner or photographer, however, hiring a background removal service is best. It’s not that easy to remove a background like a pro. While it doesn’t require expert skills to use a background removal tool, artistry and creativity are essential. A professional background remover definitely has these attributes and more.

Benefits of Removing your Background in eCommerce Website

As previously mentioned, online consumers want to see products with a white background. Without other elements that take away attention from the product itself, viewers can meticulously check every detail of an item. This makes it easier to spot flaws or to imagine themselves using the product. But this photo editing service is more than just adding a white background. It is also used to add a contextual background and to accommodate a solid-color background that will match the aesthetics of a brand. A professional photo editor will also ensure that every product detail that matters is preserved, while those that don’t serve a purpose are removed.

Jewelry Background Removal

How to remove background and boost your business online

Modifying a background has the power to change an image and create an entirely new one. A picture that is more attractive, eye-catching, and flattering. Imagine a colorful butterfly in a solid blue-colored background. Now, imagine that same butterfly in a white background. It’s easier to see where the butterfly will stand out. The same is true for other images where a specific object or subject needs to be distinct and noticeable from its background. This is why it’s a crucial process post-photography. Because even the least appealing background can become great with a few alterations.

Through a professional background removal service, an image will look authentic and relevant. It’s also the quickest way to remove unwanted objects and flaws. Alongside a clipping path, this photo editing service is a solution to blurry or shaky backgrounds. It will also give portraits a polished look when the background is changed or replaced with something complimentary. Removing the background is also a quick fix for an image to fit an existing background on a website or marketing material.

Photo Background Removal

The Importance of Background Removal

Bring Focus – Make any product, object, or subject the primary focus by removing the background or replacing it with a flattering one. Without the noise in play, an object is at the forefront of every viewer’s eyes and mind.

Form an object – Background removal makes it easy to see which object should be highlighted and given importance. The neutral color gray, for example, stresses a subject and increases subtlety without losing the viewer’s attention.

Comply with requirements – Ensure product photos are accepted by e-commerce websites, such as eBay and Amazon, by using the background they specify. A professional product removal service knows exactly what is required and provides clients with the desired output.

Eliminate Distractions – Some backgrounds will distract the viewer from the main object, diminishing an image’s ability to sell or convey the right message. Through removal or replacement of the background, attention can be refocused on what really matters.

Hide or mask surroundings – Turn raw files with an unacceptable background into something a professional photographer like you would be proud to brag about. Since beautiful backgrounds are not always guaranteed at the time of a photo shoot, you can fix the problem with background removal.

The background can enhance or diminish an image’s value, which makes removal service vital to photographers, entrepreneurs, and even to the audience. It’s one thing to see a photograph with a stunning background and another to look at an image that seems cluttered and noisy. For images that sell, a flattering background is a must.


Jewelry Photo Retouching Diamond BeforeJewelry Photo Retouching Diamond

Jewelry Background Removal Service

We can remove the background of your jewelry photos using our services.

  • Image Masking Jewelry
  • Remove Wedding Ring Background

Service Features:

  • Remove or Change Background
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Basic Retouching
  • Change to Transparent Background

View More Samples: Examples

Background Removal Model BeforeBackground Removal Model After

Model Photograph

Model photos need a white background image in order to make it look great. The process of removing the background is using alpha channel.

  • Photoshop Alpha Channel
  • Image Masking
  • Clipping the Photo

Service Features:

  • Remove or Change Background
  • Brightness Adjustment
  • Basic Retouching of Model
  • Erase Background of Photo

View More Samples: Examples

Multiple Car Removal BeforeMultiple Car Removal After

Multiple Car Removal

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Photo Retouching Ghost Mannequin BeforePhoto Retouching Ghost Mannequin After

Ghost Mannequin Removal Service

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  1. How do I send images – Go to our Upload Page and send your raw images to us along with your instructions. We will then confirm once receive and send it back to you right away.
  2. How long does it takes to get the pictures – Clients can get there images as fast as 8 hours. For images that ranges from 500 to 1,000 they can get in batches within 24 hours.
  3. What is the price per photo – Prices vary in the types of pictures you have, a simple background removal starts at $ .49 cents. Photo retouching will range from $ .80 cents or more depending on the difficulty of the image.
  4. Do you offer a bulk discount – Yes we offer bulk discounts for daily or weekly customers.
  5. What kinds of photos do you edit or retouch – We edit images from products, real estate, jewelry, wedding and even studio shots. Our service will cater just about any images that you have.


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