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Background Removal
per photo
$ .39 cents
This plan is suitable for background removal only
Jewelry Photo Editing
Apparel Photo Editing
Amazon Photo Editing
Ebay Photo Editing
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Real Estate Photo Editing
per photo
$ .69 cents
Single and Multiple Exposure Editing
Lens Correction
Color Correction
Sky Replacement
Lawn Enhancement
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Wedding Photo Editing
per photo
$ .29 cents
This plan is suitable for wedding post processing
Selection of Images
Color Correction
Minimal Retouching
Brightness and Contrast
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Photo Retouching
per photo
$ .80 cents
This plan is suitable for any photo retouching
Skin Retouching
Product Retouching
Real Estate Retouching
Wedding Retouching
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Clipping Path White Background

$ .80
1 - 10 Minutes
Bags and Wallet
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$ 1.5
10 - 20 Minutes
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$ 2.5
20 - 30 Minutes
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$ 3.5
30 - 45 Minutes
Alpha Masking
Group Alpha Masking
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Real Estate Photo Enhancement

Real Estate Post Processing

Single Exposure
$ .80
1 Image Only
Brightness and Contrast Adjustment
Color Correction
Lens Correction
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Multiple Exposure
$ 1.5
Up to 7 Images
Brightness and Contrast Adjustment
Color Correction
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Minor Retouching
$ .60
5-20 minutes editing
Removal of Wires
Removal of Spots
Removal of Blemishes
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Major Retouching
$ 1.8
20-45 minutes editing
Removal of Cars
Removal of Pole Lines
Removal of Large Objects
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Post Processing

Portrait Studio Shots
$ 3
Suitable for Portrait Close Up Images
Minor to Major Retouching
Wrinkles and Blemishes Removal
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Food Photographs
$ .40
Suitable for Foods
Color Correction
White Balance Adjustments
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Group Shots
$ 3.5
This is suitable for 10-25 people
Change Background
Normal Shadows
Color Correction
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Other Services

$ .15
File Renaming

BULK Pricing

This bulk pricing applies to companies that volume reaches from 1,000 to 10,000 images per month. Please contact us via our contact for to assist you further.

Clipping Path Service – We offer high quality clipping path service to our valued clients for their products and images online. Clipping path is useful in every aspect of an image. It is mainly used to remove background, select an area where you want to manipulate or retouch parts of the image.

Fix Photo – Fixing parts of the photo or the overall state of the image is edited perfectly through our professional editors. Our easy photo fix service can deliver you the images within 24 hour turn around time.

Photo Repair – Repairing images can be time consuming and requires extensive skills however our team are trained to do easy and hard image repairs of any photograph. We can repair any type of photographs from family, portrait, wedding, real estate and even e-commerce products.

Photo Restoration – Restoring old images involves retouching photos that were lost in time in the shelves or damaged through poor storage. Our service can restore your images completely back to its memorable days. We can restore the scratches, blemishes, spots, colors and even watered down parts.

Photo Retouching – Retouching images is a process where the image is restored, fix, repaired and even improve from its original state. Photo retouching is a major process where it is useful in every stage of improving an image. Our professional photo retouching service can totally help you in your photo editing needs.

Post Processing –Most photographers require post processing because images taken after the shoot is in a RAW format. Post processing or post production are the key towards making the images alive and vibrant in color. Our team can post process wedding, real estate, product and different kinds of photos.