Color enhancement and correction refers to the process of altering and enhancing the color of an image. It is the process of enhancing the color, saturation, and contrast of an image. You can add blue hues to make a picture appear cold, or try yellow and orange to make it look warm. It involves adjusting the colors to make them as accurate as possible.

Color enhancement in photo editing involves a lot of step by step process to successfully achieve the image’s right color proportion. It involves correcting white balance, adjusting tonality, brightness and contrast improving color, hue, and saturation. There are different ways to enhance images, a simple adjustment in exposure and contrast alone can change the mood of an image.

To make everything look vivid for an image, one key is to change the vibrancy level. This is when the process of color enhancing comes in, colors can make a lot of change for your photo’s quality.


Image Masking BeforeImage Masking After


We edit different kinds of  apparel from women’s shoes, clothing, blouses, jogging pants. We clip the images to remove the background of the photo making them more salable online. Customers always want the best photo with vibrant colors displayed in amazon and ebay.

Service Features:

  • Background Removal Shoes
  • Color Correction
  • Pen Tool
  • Adjust Size of Product
  • Product Improvement

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Clipping Path Photoshop BeforeClipping Path Photoshop After


Jackets are sold online making waves of sales because of it’s fashion style. We can fix the folds, creases or anything that is an obstruction in the photo. Online e-commerce can increase your sales using our changing colors service for jackets.

Service Features:

  • Color Correction
  • Creases Removal
  • Removal of Stand
  • Brightness of the Jacket

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Product Clipping Path BeforeProduct Clipping Path After

Ghost Mannequin

Our ghost mannequin service can remove the model in the photo and replace it with the inside of your jacket. Clipping path service allows us to do just about anything in your images to make the photo best in your e-commerce website.

Service Features:

  • Removal of Mannequin
  • Color Correction
  • Brightness and Contrast

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Deep Etch BeforeDeep Etch After

Clipping Path Bags

Many buy bags online such as Prada, Guess, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel. Luxury bags clipping path service is important to companies to have their bags with the background they want or cut off invisible straps during photography.

Service Features:

  • Bag Background Removal
  • Color Correction of Bag
  • Natural Shadow

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Photo Cut Out BeforePhoto Cut Out After

Clipping Path Jewelry

The jewelry industry is in need of clipping path for diamonds, rings, bracelets and necklaces because during the photo-shoot most of the background is visible. What we can do is eliminate the background, retouch the small spots that are visible in the product.

Service Features:

  • Diamond Enhancement
  • Ring Improvement
  • Gold to Yellow Gold

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Amazon Clipping Path Service BeforeAmazon Clipping Path Service After

Clipping Path T-Shirts

Men’s Shirts are highly present in many clothing companies and often than not require photo retouching. We can resize, crop, edit and even do extensive retouching of your T-Shirts online.

Service Features:

  • T-Shirt Retouching for E-Commerce
  • Brightness and Contrast of T-Shirts
  • Background Removal Shirts

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Testimonials from our clients who availed our services in clipping path service. Our clients have different products from jewelry, shoes, women’s dress, men’s shirts and more. Read more about their experience with us in our testimonials.

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