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Top 10 Simple Jewelry Photography Props You Can Use

Jewelry Photography Props are one of the essential equipment that photographers use to take attractive and high-quality jewelry photos. These Props help to hold the jewelry like rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in a perfect angle that reflects the beauty of the jewelry so that the photographer can capture the beauty. If you’re also planning to do Professional level jewelry photography, we’ve handpicked Top 10 Jewelry Photography Props that require the best Jewelry photos.  

Here’s the list of Top 10 Jewelry Photography Props required for photography

Stands for Necklaces

 Stands for Necklaces

The necklaces stand helpful because you can take wide/narrow shots of necklaces without moving each time. This simple stand reflects the beauty of necklaces and makes it easy to capture the beauty in Jewelry photos.

Stud Backs for Earrings

To enhance the look and beauty of Earrings, professionals used stud backs that support earrings to keep them in one position so that it’s easy to capture photos from different angles. Stud backs enhance the beauty of jewelry and make it more attractive for photography.

Bowl for Shaping Necklaces

To make necklaces’ photos more attractive, photographers use bowls to shape the necklace chain and capture flat pictures with complete details.

3D Bust for Long Necklaces

It’s one of the essential props for jewelry photography used for long Necklaces by holding it on a 3D Bust. This prop helps to reflect its unique design that looks eye-catching.

Black and White Acrylic Table Kit

Nowadays, black backgrounds are becoming famous for jewelry photography. You can capture different jewelry photos on a black background that reflects its beauty and makes jewelry photos more attractive and shiny.

Hand Holder for Rings, Bracelets

The most attractive and best-fit Prop is a hand Holder used to display rings and bracelets. Its sleek and eye-catching design makes jewelry photos more attractive. Photographers can capture the best view of rings & bracelets with a hand holder. 

Wooden background

Sometimes nature reflects the real beauty, and to do Jewelry Photography. The wooden background is one of the best-fit backgrounds for jewelry photography. You can use this background for rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry and capture beautiful photos.

Acrylic or Wooden Holders for Rings

Rings photos require special props because they should be placed at a perfect angle that reflects their beauty and makes it easy to capture the details. Using acrylic or wooden holders is one of the best props for ring photography to capture all colors, effects, and beautiful designs.


To enhance the beauty of any jewelry, you can use a Jewelry color- based real fruit background with water droplets that highlight the jewelry’s bright design and and make it easy to capture beautiful jewelry photos

Live Models

No matter how beautiful props you can use for jewelry photography, in the end, it looks beautiful on Live Models. A beautiful model wearing a jewelry matching dress and reflecting jewelry design looks outstanding and best for photography.

If you want to become a professional level jewelry Photographer, you require these top 10 Jewelry Photography Props to capture the real beauty.

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