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Jewelry Samples

Jewelry Photo Editing Ring BeforeJewelry Photo Editing Ring

Dust & Scratch Removal

When you take pictures of our jewelry, some of the dust and particles that are found in the air will end up on the surface of our gemstones if the item is left out to dry. This service can make your jewelry look clean and polished.

What we Do

  • Photo retouching
  • Spot retouching
  • Removing stains, scratches and spots
Jewelry Photography Editing Necklace Before

Necklace Stand Removal

We can remove the unwanted images in your jewelry photos such as, necklace stand and any other objects. This service can help you make your jewelry images look more visible attractive.

What we Do

  • Adding or Removing Reflections
  • Background clean-up & removal
  • Removing unwanted objects like the props

Color Preservation

Jewelers’ work requires them to craft a piece of jewelry with a color scheme that is unique and beautiful. Color preservation service can make the image still its beautiful colors by applying hue saturation and color balance.

What we Do

  • Image Straightening
  • Changing Jewelry Colors
  • White Balance Adjustment
  • Image Sharpening

Jewelry Retouching

Retouching photos can help to improve their visual appeal and increase the quality of jewelry photography. It can make your jewelry images more attractive to potential buyers.

What we Do

  • Image Compositing
  • File Renaming
  • Cropping & Resizing
  • Adding hallmark stamps
Jewelry Photo Retouching Diamond Before

Changing Jewelry Stones

We can replace the stone of your jewelry images by using the tools in photoshop with our professional editing expert.

What we Do

  • Changing Jewelry Colors
  • Eliminating unnecessary shadows / reflections
  • Changing the background to white or to a neutral color
Jewelry Image Editing Service BeforeJewelry Image Editing Service

Adding or Removing Reflections

Jewelers’ work requires them to craft a piece of jewelry with a color scheme that is unique and beautiful. During the process of taking the pictures, they are exposed to a wide array of color hues, but these colors fade over time with exposure to the natural light in their store.

What we Do

  • Color Correction
  • White Balance Adjustment
  • Hue Saturation Adjustments
  • Adjust Brightness & Contrast

Jewelry Shadow Creation

Jewelry shadow creation is a way of bringing life to any image. It is achieved by taking the photo and then applying shadows to it through the filters built into Photoshop

What we Do

  • Adjust Brightness & Contrast
  • Drop Shadows
  • Adding natural shadow
  • Adding drop shadow or 3D effect
  • Shadow Midtones, Highlight Adjustments