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Top 10 Best Camera & Lens for Jewelry Photography 2022

Choosing the right camera and lens for jewelry photography can be difficult. There are many factors to consider to find the best camera & lens like budget, purpose, quality, weight, design, lens support, etc. You need to pick a DSLR with a professional lens that can professionally capture rings, necklaces, earrings, watches, and many other jewelry photos. That’s why our experts handpicked the Top 10 best camera & lenses for jewelry photography to pick the best one as per your work requirements. 

Best Cameras for Jewelry Photography

1. Canon EOS 70D DSLR Camera

This is one of the most demanding and useful jewelry photography cameras that all professionals consider. Canon EOS 70D comes with a 20.2-megapixels APS-C sensor, Wifi support, Auto lighting, touchscreen, and low shutter lag features that helps you to capture high-quality jewelry photos with minor details. It’s a Full HD DSLR camera with autofocus to detect every pixel and capture more colorful and shiny details. 

Camera: 20.2 MP CMOS AF’ sensor | ISO: 100-12,800 standard | Screen: 3.0 Touchscreen size | Wifi: Built-in | Video: 1080p quality | Fps: 7Fps continuous shooting

2. Nikon CoolPix P900 Digital Camera

Another best DSLR camera for jewelry photography is Nikon Coolpix P900. It’s specially designed for beginner-level photographers at a very affordable price. It comes with a 3.0 screen, 16 Megapixels CMOS sensor, 83x optical zoom, high-resolution LCD, Built-in Wifi, and GPS. Its looks and design are so smooth and easy to carry for jewelry photography that beginners love to use. Its image stabilization can help you capture more accurate and qualitative photos.

Camera: 16 Megapixels | Screen:  3.0 LCD screen | Wifi: Built-in | Zoom range: 83x zoom range | ISO: 100-6400 and expandable to 12800 | Aperture: f2.8

3. Fujifilm X-M1 Mirrorless Digital Camera

If you’re looking for a camera with great sharpness, high quality, and perfectly handled, Fujifilm X-M1 is best for jewelry photography. It comes with a 3-inch LCD screen, 16.3 Megapixels, 5.6 fps continuous shooting camera that captures every detail of an object in high quality. It’s a low-end mirrorless X-trans camera that allows you to capture low-light scenes with high quality. 

Camera: 16.3 megapixels | Aperture: 5.6 fps | ISO: 200-6,400 | Lens: Fujifilm X mount | Screen: 3-inch LCD

4. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

For any professional photographer, it’s a favorite camera because of its high-quality photos and advanced features. You can do the best jewelry photography with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. It comes with a 3.2-inch LCD screen, 30.4 MP full-frame CMOS sensor, 4k support video recording, and autofocus to capture details of jewelry sharp and colorful. It has a good grip, high performance, and excellent camera quality, making it the best fit for jewelry photography.

Camera: 30.4 MP | Video: 4K (full HD) | Screen: 3.2-inch LCD | ISO: 100-32000 | Aperture: 7 fps continuous shooting

5. Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 is an all-in-one camera for jewelry photography, and it’s a cheaper, lightweight, and high-performance camera. It comes with a 3-inch LCD, 24.2 Megapixels APS-C CMOS sensor, autofocus, 5fps continuous shooting, and supports 1080/60p Full HD video shooting with long-lasting battery life. Beginners love to use this camera with a high grip and easy features to capture qualitative jewelry photos. 

Camera: 24.2 megapixels DSLR | Lens: Nikon F | ISO: 100-25,600 | Screen: 3-inch LCD | Aperture: 5fps 

These are top-five cameras for jewelry photography. You can compare and pick the best one as per your work requirements. Once you’ve selected your camera, you need a great lens that captures the minor details, accurate colors, and the best zoom in/out. 

Best Lens for Jewelry Photography

1. Nikon AF-S DX Micro 40mm F/2.8G Prime Lens

It’s the most affordable, lightweight, and powerful macro lens for SLR cameras. It has a silent wave motor (SWM), autofocus, short-distance focus, and supports the best image quality. You can do macro photography with High-level details captured from 16cm away from the subject.

2. Sony 90mm Macro Lens f/2.8

A fast aperture f/2.8 lens with high-quality images, detailed focus, and image stabilization can be a perfect lens for jewelry photography to capture distance and close shot details. It’s best suitable for Sony mirrorless cameras. 

3. Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro Lens

If you have a full-frame Canon camera, this 100mm f/2.8L IS Macro lens is the best fit for Jewelry Photography. It focuses on details, manual focus, and image stabilization to produce high-quality jewelry photos with complete details. 

4. Nikon CoolPix P900/P950 10x High Definition 2 Element Close-up (Macro) 67mm Lens

One of the most popular camera lenses for jewelry photography. It’s a high-grade multi-coated lens that supports anti-reflection coating to prevent shadows of the object. Macro mode can be an HD lens to capture details, sharp focus, and low-dispersion glass.

5. Sony FE 50mm f/2.8 Macro Lens

If you’re a Sony DSLR camera and begin your journey with jewelry photography, then Sony FE 50mm f/2.8 Macro OEM Lens can be the best fit for your camera at an affordable price. 


If you have a basic knowledge of aperture, shutter speed, quality, and ISO, you can compare these cameras and pick the best one for your work requirements. Once you’ve selected your camera, compare the lenses and choose which macro lens supports your camera and is the best fit for jewelry photography.

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