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Corporate Headshot Retouching

Corporate Headshot Retouching is one of the most common and important techniques in photography. It is used to enhance or change aspects of a person’s image. This technique works by using different methods like airbrushing, digital editing and even painting to change the complexion, skin tone or facial features. And also Headshot are a valuable asset for many reasons. They’re used for website branding, product promotions, email signatures, and social media profiles.

Why You Need a Professional Headshot?

Headshots are a necessity for any business. A professional headshot can make all the difference in the world to presenting yourself in an attractive, professional manner.

Corporate Headshot Retouching Services

  • Applying digital make-up
  • Clear background or make it blurred
  • Adjusting contrast & brightness
  • Braces removal
  • Glass glare removal
  • Teeth whitening & eye correction
  • Skin smoothing and toning
  • Overall improvement of facial features

portrait after

Applying digital make-up

Through digital make-up, users are able to save time and money by utilizing the technology without having to go out of their way and buy an expensive palette of make-up products.

Photoshop Skin Smoothening

Clear background or make it blurred

For some photos, editing them can make them more appealing. For example, a blurred background can make a photo look like it was taken at night or from a distance.

Skin Tone Modification

Adjusting contrast & brightness

Adjusting contrast & brightness is useful when you have a hard time distinguishing colors in an image or when your image will look darker in print than it does on-screen.

Braces removal

Braces removal is an important task for a photo editor, especially when it comes to children’s photos. However, many professional photographers are not happy with the results they get from software. That’s why it is best to hire an expert.

teeth whitening

Glass glare removal

Mirror reflection are a well-known issue with digital photography, but there is no need for a frustration when you can have your photo polished by our team of experts.

Teeth whitening & eye correction

Photo editing is an evolving industry and nowadays people are using the latest technologies to improve their pictures. This includes teeth whitening and eye correction.

Photoshop Skin Smoothening

Skin smoothing and toning

Skin smoothing and toning are now one of the most popular trends in photo editing. This is due to the fact, that it helps to remove skin blemishes and wrinkles, which many people have on their face nowadays due as a result of aging.

Skin Improvement

Overall improvement of facial features

Overall improvement in photo editing: In this use case, we will discuss how technology has improved the quality of digital pictures. The early days of photography required manual work with film and chemistry. But these days, it is easier for people to capture and edit their own images using software.

Skin Improvement
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