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Jewelry Photo Editing Rings

Hire a Jewelry Photo Editor to Retouch your Images

Discover why you should hire a professional jewelry photo editor for your images online. It is one of the most challenging task you can do is outsourcing or hiring someone outside your company to do your images. The fact that you are entrusting valuable products to someone that you didn’t even know is scary. here’s a few reasons why you should consider outsourcing. Know More

A jewelry photo editor is basically a highly skilled retoucher that focuses on jewelry. The graphic artist spent years of experience in dealing with rings, earrings, necklaces, stones, diamonds and other jewelry products.

Here are one of many jewelry services that a photo editor can offer:

  • Jewelry Diamond Polishing
  • Scratch and Dust Removal
  • Creating Shadows
  • Jewelry Color Correction
  • Photo Retouching
  • Adjust Brightness & Contrast
  • Adding or Removing Reflections
  • Removing unwanted objects like the props
  • Background clean-up & removal
  • Removing stains, scratches and spots

1. Jewelry Diamond Polishing

Jewelry Diamond Polishing
Jewelry diamond polishing involves color correction, metal enhancement, photo retouching, and more. This techniques help you create a stunning jewelry images.

2. Scratch and Dust Removal

Scratch and Dust Removal
With our jewelry scratch and dust removal service you’ll get the best professional results at a fair price. We can even handle your jewelry photo shoot.

3. Creating Shadows

Creating Shadows
Creating shadow on your jewelry photo make it more attractive and also can attract to potential buyers, our team of photo editing expert can help you achieved this look of images.

4. Jewelry Color Correction

Jewelry Color Correction
High end jewelry color correction service can change your jewelry images into good looking one. This service can restore the true color of jewelry images.

5. Photo Retouching

Jewelry Photo Retouching
Photo retouching is one of the essential techniques in photo editing, using this service is the best way to boost your sales in your jewelry business.

6. Adjust Brightness & Contrast

Adjust Brightness & Contrast
Want to have an appealing jewelry images before posting it online? This photo editing skills can change the look of your jewelry images from dull to bright by using our services.

7. Adding or Removing Reflections

Adding or Removing Reflections
Make the metal shine, add some reflection to your jewelry images is no hassle for you. Our team of photo editor can help you change your jewelry images in less than minutes with good quality output.

8. Removing unwanted objects like the props

Jewelry Background Removal
People often think of jewelry as an accessory that can be worn on different occasions. However, for professional purposes, jewelry must have a neutral background in order to look good. Jewelry background removal is a new service that helps people to remove the background from their photos and turn them into more professional looking ones.

9. Background clean-up & removal

Jewelry Photo Editor
Unwanted elements” in this case refers to chunks, flaws, small nicks and chips on the surface of a gemstone that are hidden by its color and pattern.

10. Removing stains, scratches and spots

Jewelry Photo Editing Service
When you take pictures of our jewelry, some of the dust and particles that are found in the air will end up on the surface of our gemstones if the item is left out to dry. The dust and particles will cause scratches in our stones while they dry out, which makes them unusable for jewelry designs. This service can make your jewelry look clean and polished.

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