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How Much Does Photo Editing Cost

The cost of photo editing depends on the Image and Volume of Images you have. Here are information that will guide you through how images are quoted and priced accordingly.

Clipping Path

The basic editing is clipping path a process where the image is traced using a “Pen Tool”. Here are the classifications of the difficulty of an image.

Jewelry Clipping Path Service
  • Easy – It takes 5 – 10 minutes tracing.
  • Medium – It takes 10 – 25 minutes tracing.
  • Hard – It takes 25 – 60 minutes.
  • Extreme – It takes 1 Hour to 2 Hours.

Color Correction

A color correction service is a process where the image is adjusted to the right temperature or tint to achieve better result. Correcting the color requires skill to get the exact quality that the customer is looking for.

Color Correction Real Estate Photo Editing


Photo retouching is a process where the image needs to be cleaned for better results when exported in the photo editing software. The process is time consuming and often times can take 30 minutes or more depending on the image. Removing blemishes, sports, scares, creases and just any type of undesirable things that are seen in the image is removed.

Wedding Photo Retouching Company

Photo Manipulation

Manipulating an image is more than just retouching, this process involves the replacement of some parts of the image to get better output. Photo manipulation requires an extensive retouching or replacement service where an image is altered differently by improving the quality. There are times that RAW photos come out unexpectedly and the need to replace a portion of an image is necessary.

Jewelry Photo Manipulation

High Quality Photo Editing

There is always a price to pay for a quality output. In the industry of photo editing competition is high however finding company that delivers both quality and delivery are hard to find. Achieving a high quality image can truly take time given the attention to detail required and skill is no easy task. Most of the time a high quality edit comes with a price. Looking at an image flawlessly without knowing that the image is retouched is the ultimate goal. One of the things that makes a good retouch is the ability not to let the viewers know that the image is retouched. The means of no trace of retouching is the perfect retouch as they say.

Understanding Quantity

Images with higher volume and constant sending of images will have a discounted price than those who just require editing on a pay-as-you-go service. There is always the benefits of having a large number of images. Discounted price are available for volume of images.


Often than not we always want the cheapest and the fastest however we ignore security. One of the most important aspect in editing images or having to outsource your photos to someone is security. What good is it if you have a cheap priced editing and next time you know your images are being sold online or to your competitors.

Things to Consider before outsourcing your image to a company or a freelancer.

  • Are my images being sold online?
  • Are my photos displayed online wherein competitors can download?
  • Do I have the rights to my images where they are not distributed?

Overall, security will always be the highest priority and not the price.