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Jewelry Image Retouching

When good photography meets professional jewelry retouching service providers like us, makes the jewelry pieces stand out with shines and sparkles in the photo, attracting many potential customers. Our jewelry image retouching services can enhance the look of your necklace, earrings, rings, pendants, bracelets, and other jewelry pieces and make its look more appealing & realistic. 

At Photo Editing Company, we aim to provide high-end jewelry retouching services to make jewelry photos more beautiful and stand out with uniqueness. Our retouching experts focus on the minor details of the Jewelry for enhancement and make your Jewelry looks realistic and attractive with no reason for customers to distract from the jewelry. We ensure to do high-level retouching and make your jewelry photos more beautiful than you imagine after photoshopping that is easily available for print, social media sharing, and e-commerce store posting. We offer our jewelry photo retouching services from dust cleaning, diamond ring polishing, recoloring jewelry, and many more…

Our photo retouching services can enhance the condition of your Jewelry photos and make them appealing and attractive, which impresses potential customers, and create desire to buy. You can try our high-end photo retouching services as other Top-brands choose us.

Dust & Scratch Removal

Dust & scratch can be anywhere, even on brand-new Jewelry that can negatively affect the advertisement and look unprofessional. Our retouching experts capture the details in jewelry, remove dust/scratch and fix it to make your Jewelry flawless and attractive to customers.

Jewelry Photo Editing Ring BeforeJewelry Photo Editing Ring

Jewelry Background Cleaning and Removal

To showcase the real beauty of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and other jewelry pieces in photos required props in the background, but our High-level editing can clean up the background and remove unwanted objects from the Jewelry photos to make it more appealing and upfront. 

Jewelry Photography Editing Necklace BeforeJewelry-Photo-Retouching-Background-Cleaning-and-Removal

Diamond Polishing

Diamond’s shine is truly unique, and that’s a key factor that attracts customers to its shine! But it’s not easy to capture the natural shine of diamonds in photos. At this point, a professional retouching company like us can polish your diamonds and enhance the beauty and spark of the diamond Jewelry.  

Jewelry Photo Retouching Diamond Before

Recolouring of Gold & Silver

Many ecommerce Jewelry stores offer customization in color and size of the Jewelry for customers to visualize the look of the same jewelry in different colors. At Photo Editing Company, our experts can convert any jewelry color from white gold metal into silver, rose gold, platinum, gold plated, or 24-karat gold metal as per given instructions. Our detailed recoloring helps customers to see the jewelry as realistic in photos. 

Jewelry Image Editing Service BeforeJewelry Image Editing Service

Jewelry Shadow Creation

Shadows and reflections can make the jewelry look 3D and more realistic. We can add different shadows or reflections to your Jewelry and make it more attractive and realistic in photos. We can add:

  • Natural Shadow (To look at jewelry’s real shadow)
  • Reflection Shadow (To make it appear as put on mirror surface)
  • Drop Shadow (To make it seems like jewelry is floating)

Our detailed editing and shadow effects can stand out from your jewelry pieces and make them more beautiful and eye-catching.

Repainting shine on metal

In metal Jewelry photos, the shine of the Jewelry is eliminated due to the background, size, and quality of the photo. But we fix all the issues, repaint the metal’s shine, and make it new Jewelry. 

Jewelry-Photo-Retouching-Rings-BeforeJewelry-Photo-Retouching-Rings after

Creative Jewelry Edits

We offer our professional Jewelry editing services for magazines and shops. Our editing experts work according to the instructions and do high-quality Jewelry edits like fixing the issues, maintaining the lighting, adding shadows/reflections, and other necessary adjustments required for professional Jewelry Photos. 

Jewelry Photo Retouching Online Company BeforeJewelry Photo Retouching Online Company

Changing Jewelry Stones & Colors

We can change the jewelry stone and its color according to the introductions to make it a new, attractive, and appealing Jewelry photo. 

How fast can we deliver?

  1. Upload your Photos with Instructions
  2. We’ll edit and check for assurance
  3. Enhance and deliver the photo after the Invoice settlement

Affordable Prices of Jewelry Retouching Services

Background Removal
Per Image
Price Starts at
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Clipping Path
Cut Out Background
Change Background to White
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Real Estate
Per Image
Price Starts at
Subject for Approval
Color Correction
Lens Correction
Minor Retouching
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Photo Retouching
Per Image
Price Starts at
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Object Removal
Minor Retouching
Acne, Pimples, Scars Removal
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Per Image
Price Starts at
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Minor Clean Up
Minor Retouching
Background Removal
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Discover how photo editing company can help you improve your jewelry images online.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of editing or retouching a jewelry can range from $ .80 cents to $ 5 depending on the time it takes to edit.

Normally we send images within 24 hours or less. This depends on the time it takes to edit images.