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Model photography is mostly common in the fashion industry where a model poses for a brand or designer and a picture is taken by a photographer. Models are booked by modeling agencies to a client where a photographer, make up artist and stylist prepares for the photo shoot. Posing in front of the camera can be a challenge in terms of position, weather condition or obstacles that you have to embrace.

In modeling it requires training and guts to perform various request from clients. It takes months to become a professional model where you will be trained and experience reality. Modeling can either be a simple studio photo shoot, advertise a product or a pose with a tiger with you. A model is the actor during a photo session and the director will be the photographer. The key to a perfect modeling photography is having the right model where you can direct and take that snapshot that you want to achieve.

Tips in Modeling Photography


  • Being on time is one of the most important thing in modeling, time is gold in the fashion industry.
  • Pamper yourself before the shoot by going to the spa or relaxing before the day of the shoot.
  • Prepare the necessary items that you will bring during the photoshoot such as dress, sunblock, extra clothes or make up


  • Prepare your equipment such as camera, lenses, battery, camera bag, extra lighting, SD Cards, straps and more.
  • Plan your shoot before the day by brainstorming that shots that your customer requires.
  • Make a to do list before going to the shoot in order not to forget something, preparation is the key.

Model Photography Ideas

There are many modeling photography ideas that we can teach you to improve your modeling carrier.

Why is it important to have a model portfolio?

It serves as your model CV

Like any job, you also need to present a resume for clients to look at. Your portfolio must showcase the many looks and poses you can pull off. If you’ve done previous modeling work, you have a better chance at being shortlisted, what with experience a deciding factor for many agents. The photographs in your model CV will sell your look to the fashion and modeling industry. 

It represents you and how you look

Think of it as your marketing material, the brochure and catalog that will showcase your value and how you’ll fill the needs of an agency or project. 

On that note, you must keep your portfolio current and professionally done. With quality modeling photography services, you boost your chances of getting booked. 

It helps you book a job

It’s difficult for a model to get a job without a portfolio. Plain and simple. So before you visit ad agencies and present yourself as a potential model, you must build a model portfolio first. It all comes down to having a CV to represent you and what you can do. 

It serves as your Z-card

A Z-card is a snapshot of your portfolio that agencies send out for castings and potential bookings. Without a model CV to begin with, your journey to be the next top model will end before it even starts. 

When hiring modeling photography services, the cost may be handled by you or organized by an agency on your behalf. Either way, there are some things you must remember to get ahead of the game. More on this later.

Essential Photos Every Model Portfolio must have

  • Clean headshot or beauty shot
  • Full-length body shot
  • Smiling shot
  • Swimsuit shot
  • Commercial shot (for commercial models)
  • Editorial fashion shot (for fashion models)
  • Strong closing shot

What happens during a Modeling Photography Session

Pre-shoot consultation – where location, outfit, and other details of the shoot are ironed out beforehand. 

During the shoot – go through a series of activities–hair and makeup, styling, lighting test, art direction, and the actual photo session. For location shoots, be ready for any changes to the plan, what with the unpredictable weather and natural lighting. 

After the shoot – thank the photographer as the session wraps up. Check out raw images but wait for post-production, retouching, and editing to complete before you ask for your photos. 

To ensure a smooth photoshoot, you must observe certain etiquette.

What every model must do during modeling photography sessions

  • Be the soul of punctuality. If you arrive early and not keep the photographer and crew waiting, you’ll be in their good books. This will prove beneficial for future jobs. 
  • Listen and follow instructions thoroughly. Make a photographer’s life easy and they will return the favor. Besides, the sooner the shoot is completed the lesser stress on your part. 
  • Deliver the best results. Make this your goal since everyone relies on you for a successful photo shoot. Be professional all the time. 

Leverage modeling photography so you can book as many jobs as you can handle.



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