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Jewelry Photo Retouching Online
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Jewelry Photo Retouching OnlineProduct Photo Retouching ServiceProduct Photo Editing ArmchairProduct Photo Editing Fur Bag

Clipping Path Service

A clipping path service can remove the background of your image using photo editing software. It involves creating a closed vector path or shape, typically drawn with the Photoshop “pen tool,” to cut out an image from its background. When clipping is applied to an image, everything inside the path is included, and everything outside the path is omitted. The use of clipping paths in the photo industry has significantly increased in recent years. When cutting out an image from a background using Photoshop, creating a vector path is considered the best method in background removal of an image.


The cost ranges from $0.50 to $3, depending on the time it takes to outline your image with the help of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Many providers offer this kind of service, but only a few can deliver high-quality precision cutting. While using a pen tool makes outlining an image easy, dealing with thousands of images may require some extra assistance.

Clipping Path Services

Remove Background using Pen Tool

A photoshop software can trace your products using a pen tool. You can easily use this tool to cut out any image. You can do-it-your-own edit your image using this amazing tools however if you have hundreds of images it can be tiresome. These are the services we provide in clipping path.

  • Create a Path
  • Change to White Background
  • Raw to Final Output
  • Mannequin Removal
  • Transparent Background
  • Save to PNG File
Clipping Path Service

Cut Out Background

Do you want to remove your background easily?. Our service allows you to have accurate hand drawn outline. There are various ways in cutting off a background of an image. Here are the following clipping path services we provide.

  • Vector Path
  • Shape Vector
  • Multiple Path
  • Cut Out Photo
  • Deep Etching
  • Image Clipping
Jewelry Photo Retouching Online Company BeforeJewelry Photo Retouching Online Company

Jewelry Removal of Background

Remove background of your jewelry products such as rings, necklaces, pendants and more. Gain trust and confidence in having your background white or transparent.

  • Erase Background of Jewelry
  • Create Outline of Necklaces
  • Select and Erase Background of Image
  • Photo Cut Out
Photo Retouching Ghost Mannequin BeforePhoto Retouching Ghost Mannequin After

Apparel Ghost Mannequin

We can remove your background and mannequin using pen tool. Here are one of many reasons why.

  • Removing the background of images
  • Cutout or isolate the chosen images
  • Make the Image Background Transparent
  • Make the Image Background white
  • Change the Image Background
  • Create ads
  • Magazine Covers
  • Print Media
  • Save Silhouette Selection

Benefits of Clipping your Images

Many photo editing companies are becoming popular day by day due to the growing volume of online business. One has to know that photo clipping path techniques are not limited to photography alone but are extended to the e-commerce industry as well, here’s why:

Visual impact

In an online shopping site, the first thing that the user sees is the image of the product and then moves on to its price list. With a striking product image in place, the user will be more attracted towards the product and influence him to buy it. One can make this powerful impression.

Product display

When it comes to a shopping website, one has to showcase the right images of the products so as to lessen customer inquiries. Through photo clipping service, one can highlight the product’s various angles and provide quality photos of the product.

Boost sales

The photo says it all. If your products are visually brilliant and catchy, then you can expect more sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is clipping path?

A clipping path is mainly used in removing background of an image using a (“pen tool”) in photoshop. This is widely used in e-commerce industry in order to replace the background of an image.

How long does it take to path an image?

It takes 5-45 minutes to create a clipping path depending on the type of photo you are tracing. An object with few curves can be easily done in 5 minutes while chains and other photographs can take 30 minutes or more.

What is the difference between a clipping path and image masking?

Clipping path uses “pen tool” to create an outline around or inside an object they want to alter. Photoshop image masking use eraser tool or alpha to separate the selected area you want to remove.

Where to find a company who provides clipping path?

Here at photo editing company we provide clipping path to customers who may need. You may upload your raw images for a trial clipping path.

Fast, High Quality Clipping Path Service for your E-Commerce Website

Photo Editing Company provides the best clipping path service online. Delivering you high quality hand drawn clipping path.