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Photography Enhancement

Photography enhancement services refers to the retouching of portraits related to fashion. This is usually done by adding color, adjusting contrast and removing or hiding blemishes, cropping and burning, skin retouching and much more. Retouching services are not only necessary to fix flaws in a photo, but also to enhance and make an individual more photogenic. With Photography Enhancement Services you can easily convert your images into professional looking without you exerting too much effort for editing on your own. These services help you remove the blemishes on the face, acne, pimples, stray hair  and other imperfections in the photo.

Photoshop Skin Smoothening

Skin Smoothening

This service includes; skin retouching, skin tone correction, blemishes removal, spot retouching and more. This technique will help you create a stunning portraits images for your personal profile. Skin smoothening is the process of modification in which skin texture is softened and thinned out. This can be done through Photoshop or a more professional Photoshop alternative. This tool can be used to make a person’s skin softer and more even-toned. It may also improve certain features like blemishes, wrinkles, freckles, and scars. The tool may also be used to smooth skin to cover up tattoos, birthmarks, acne scars, vitiligo patches, and other skin discolorations.

Skin Tone Modification

Face Slimming & Contouring

The facial contouring helps in highlighting the natural beauty of face. The face slimming and contouring is also known as the “mind’s eye make-up”. It is used to help emphasize the facial features, like cheeks, jaw line, forehead or chin. Whereas, it is also important for those who want to hide certain features. Here the list:

  • Distortion correction caused by the wide-angle lens
  • Improve facial expressions and smiles
  • Jaw alignment and head tilt
  • Enlargement of eyes
Skin Improvement

Life-like Digital Makeup

The digital makeup is a makeup technique that uses digital technology to digitally alter a photograph. The most popular application of this technique is to make the subject’s skin look flawless, hence it’s name “digital makeup”. Here are the procedure:

  • Eye enhancement with false eyelashes, eyeliner, eye shadow, and mascara
  • Highlighter and contour technology to give facial features, like a natural glow
  • Blur tools to make portraits glow naturally
  • Realistic lipstick texture Dramatic haute couture
Skin Improvement

Eye Retouching

Eye retouching is a technique that can be used to alter an image of oneself by computer graphics techniques. It is an important procedure for removing any unwanted blemishes, red eyes and border lines around the eyes. It is also a very complicated task because it requires expertise to remove the correct parts of skin and put them back in their original places. Here are the procedure of eye retouching:

  • Color change of the aperture according to mood/clothing/settings
  • Sharpen, whiten, and brighten eyes
  • Broaden pupils
  • Inclusion of catchlights

Why Choose Photo Editing Company?

Photo editing company can help you achieve the desired photo without costing you a fortune is fashion portrait enhancement services like photoshop retouching and color correction and so on. These services are designed especially for people who wanted their photos to have a good quality that makes them stand out among others. Here are our other services that you can benefits from.

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