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How to Edit Real Estate Photos

Learn how to edit real estate photos professionally using Photoshop. Discover how real estate photo editors process images using the right set of skills to get better results.

Single Exposure

An single image taken by a real estate photographer ready for processing. This is a process where there is only one exposure of image. The image usually does not give all the exposed area thus making it hard for the photo retoucher to edit the image given the limited exposure required.

Multiple Exposure

An image taken by a real estate photographer with multiple exposures in the photo. These images show exposure of the windows, doors and exterior of the property. A multiple exposure is usually infused with other exposed photo, often times it consist of 5-7 images or more. Infusing the images is one way of starting to edit a multiple exposed image.

Infuse Multiple Image

Infusing multiple image in a single photos is the first process of editing a real estate image. You can use different types of infuse software or you can manually infuse your images using a photo editing software.

White Balance

A white balance is the overall brightness of the image. A well adjusted white balance allows your image to have the right tones in terms of highlight, shadows and mid tones. Getting the right balance can be tricky because of the different types of images available. You can either have over exposed image or under exposed. Applying the right white balance can give you better results and ultimately your desired output.

Sky Replacement

Replacing sky in real estate is a process of changing the sky to your desired style. Taking images outdoor can be challenging since we do not have control over the weather. A good real estate image is always viewed as sunny clear blue skies. This is highly recommended in having real estate pictures as they represent inviting feeling to buyers online. A dull bare image in real estate will not give you a positive impact to your customers. To attract more customers a sky replacement service is required in every real estate agent, broker or company.

Adjusting Exposure

Exposure is the key to a perfect photograph and none of it is more perfect than getting the right adjustment. The key to getting the right exposure is adjusting these 3 settings:

Shutter Speed – is the length of time when the film or digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light, also when the camera’s shutter is open when taking a photo. The amount of light that reaches the film or photo sensor is proportional to the exposure time.

ISO – is composed of 3 factors shutter speed, aperture and sensitivity. Shutter speed and aperture controls for adjusting how much light comes into the camera.

Aperture – an aperture is a hole or an opening through which light travels to the camera. The aperture and focal length of an optical system determine the cone angle of a bundle of rays that come to a focus in the image plane.

Temperature and Tint

Temperature – ranges from 2000˚K to 50000˚K usually cool or warm.

Tint – Tint ranges are usually green and violet in color.

Lens Correction

Fish Eye – Correcting a fish eye is a daunting task because you have to either do it automated or manually correct the image.

Distortion – A waveform like distort is visible in an image which requires correction.

Perspective – A vertical correction is needed in order to make the image centered.

Real Estate Retouching

The removal of items, objects or obstructions are considered to be retouching. Most of the time we require images to be retouched because of the items or obstruction that degrades the quality of the image. Indoor images require blacken tv, remove personal items, spots, blemishes that is an obstruction to the eye. For outdoor there are is a need to retouch the lawn, swimming pool, sky, garage and even wires visible outside.

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