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Photoshop Skin Smoothening


Give the models in your product’s photo a beautiful and natural looking skin by using our high-end Photoshop skin smoothening services. Skin retouching and smoothening in Adobe photoshop are highly required if you need high quality photo editing services. Model and fashion industry, models for ecommerce online business, and beauty shoots. Ensure to enhance the quality of photos and make them flawless. Photo Editing Company is a reliable company that provides professional skin retouching services and delivers images with fast turnaround time. We specialize in skin color correction, skin tone color correction, stray hair removal, teeth whitening, skin retouching and many more.

Photoshop Skin Smoothening

Our Photoshop Skin Smoothening and Retouching Services

Photo Editing Company is an outstanding Photoshop skin smoothening provider in the Philippines which provides different kinds of photo editing services for the beauty industry. We eliminate imperfections of the images by using different services including tattoo removal, wrinkles removal and skin marks. We ensure to deliver images that look immensely appealing.

Skin Retouching Service

When you take a photoshoot some of the photos may look  darker than the original. If you want to have a perfect look on your images, skin retouching service may be the best choice for you. Skin retouching service includes:

  • Acne Removal
  • Wrinkles Retouching
  • Remove the Blemishes
  • Tattoo Removal
  • Mole & Pimple Removal

Headshot touch ups

If you are not an expert in using Photoshop or Lightroom, photo editing may not be easy for you. With the help of our photo editors team, we can easily add makeup on your portraits photo using Photoshop tools.
Applying digital make-up

Teeth Whitening

Face Slimming

Eyebrows Blackening


Skin Improvement

Clear background or make it blurred

Some of the clients request to change the background of the images to make it clear and visible online. We can easily remove the background and change into white or black background with an affordable price.

  • Glass glare Removal
  • Braces Removal
  • Scars removal
  • Stray Hair Removal
Skin Improvement

Color Correction

Skin color correction service is one of the techniques of the beauty industry to have an appealing portrait image before posting it on their website. Skin color correction process includes:

  • White Balance Adjustment
  • Dark Spots Removal
  • Color & Contrast Adjustment
  • Skin Smoothening
wedding photo editing

Advantage of Hiring Photo Editor

As a photographer, partnering with a photo editing company is beneficial for you. Some of the reasons are you can save your time and money, can get more clients and you can focus on taking more shots and delivering flawless images to them faster.

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