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Reseller Agreement Partnership

If you believe you can boost our sales by reselling our services, we invite you to join our Reseller Agreement Partnership.

This opportunity allows you to purchase our photo editing services at a discounted rate and then resell them to your clients at a price of your choosing.

All the profits are yours to keep. All we ask in return is your dedication to helping our business grow and prosper.

Partnership Inclusion/Perks

Our Reseller Agreement Partnership is designed to be seamless and rewarding. Here’s what you can expect as a valued partner:

  • Discounted Services: Enjoy exclusive access to our photo editing services at significantly discounted rates, empowering you to offer unparalleled value to your clients.
  • Flexible Pricing: The pricing you set for your clients is entirely in your hands. Customize the rates based on your market, ensuring a competitive edge, and maximizing your profitability.
  • Commitment to Sales Growth: The extent of the discount we offer depends on the commitment and contribution to sales growth demonstrated by our partners. As you contribute to the success of our partnership, we reciprocate with attractive pricing structures.
  • Dual Benefits: This partnership is a win-win scenario. Not only do you benefit from discounted rates, but you also determine the pricing for your clients, allowing you to maximize earnings and enhance your business reputation.

Terms and Conditions

Transparency and fairness are at the core of our Reseller Agreement Partnership. Here are the terms and conditions that govern our collaboration:

  • Discount Structure:
  • The discount on our photo editing services will be determined based on the sales growth commitment and contribution of each partner.
  • Higher levels of commitment and sales growth result in more substantial discounts.
  • Basically, this is an extension of our referral partnership in a much stronger commitment.
  • Pricing Flexibility:
  • Partners have the flexibility to set their own pricing for the resold services, catering to the unique needs and preferences of their clients.
  • Sales Growth Metrics:
  • The discount structure is subject to periodic reviews based on the sales performance and growth metrics of each partner.
  • Payment Terms:
  • Payments for the discounted services are to be made in accordance with the agreed-upon terms.
  • Initially, the ratio is determined by wholesaling for $1, and you retail our service for $2.
  • Mutual Benefit:
  • The success of this partnership relies on a collaborative effort. Partners are encouraged to actively promote and resell our services to maximize mutual benefits.
  • Long-Term Collaboration:
  • This partnership is not just a one-time deal. We aim to establish a long-term collaboration, supporting each other’s growth and success.

What’s in it for you?

  • Keep all profits from reselling services while benefiting from the discounted rates yourself.
  • Combination of discounted services and flexible pricing allows for significant profit margins.
  • Higher commitment = higher discounts
  • Start with a low initial investment and scale your business as you grow without incurring significant upfront costs.
  • No minimum sales quotas or pressure to perform, allowing you to test the market and build your client base at your own pace.
  • Add high-quality photo editing to your existing offerings without additional investment.