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Top 10 Camera Gears to Buy in Photography

Turning photography from a hobby to viable business is not that simple. There are many considerations you have to take and sacrifices to make. One of which is to invest in camera gears and accessories. Along with your skills, they play a major role in coming up with great photographs. Though great photography skills are the keys to get mesmerizing shots, camera gears are tools that make up great photos. For starters, purchasing camera gears and accessories can be quite expensive. But if you do want to invest in your business, you can start with these ten basic gears: 

1. Camera

The camera is the most vital tool that you need to have for your photography business. Since you want to take photography into a business, you may need to look for a good camera to use. To do this, you have to research the top quality cameras widely used by photographers. You may also need to research its specifications to make sure if it works out for you. 

2. Camera Bag

If you are running a photography business, taking your cameras and gears with you is likely your usual scenario. So, to avoid the hassle of carrying them one by one, place them in a camera bag. It has various compartments where you can place the cameras and the gears in order. Just make sure to consider both the price and the quality when buying it. Knowing the camera bag you buy keeps you assured that your cameras and gears are safely stored.

3. Camera Lens

The next gear you should invest in is the camera lens. Getting various shots is achievable when you have different lenses with you. Among these shots include a wide-angle shot, a close-up shot, an aerial shot, and a whole lot more. Though camera lenses are quite expensive, it does help you get good images if you know how to use them. Hence, if you’re on a tight budget, research and ask from professional photographers on the best lenses to use. Once you have a list, invest in the lenses that suit your style.

4. Lighting Equipment

Natural lighting is the key element to a good photograph. But in the absence of natural lighting, the use of various lighting equipment is necessary. So, it is best to invest in lighting equipment. Not only does it enhance the quality of your photos, but it also helps you edit your photos easily. Additionally, it will save you from too much editing that will only make it look unnatural. Among the equipment that you can invest include an external camera flash, studio lighting kits, and reflectors.

5. Memory Cards/ Hard Drives

Have the freedom to take as many shots as you can when you have extra memory cards. It is highly recommended, especially if you’re covering an event. That way, you can capture the entirety of the event at every angle, giving you more photos to choose from. Aside from having extra space to take many pictures, extra hard drives also give you storage to save your photos. Though you can save them on your computer, it is advisable to store them on hard drives. That way, it won’t take up too much storage on your computer.

6. Tripod

If you want to capture quality moving and still photos, use a tripod. It helps keep your camera steady. It’s also a great tool if you want to explore different camera techniques like panoramas, low-light shots, traffic trails, etc. Factually, most people aren’t quite keen when it comes to choosing a tripod. But if you want what’s best for your business, make sure to choose a tripod that’s sturdy and convenient. Once you invest in a good tripod, you will get high-quality photos.

7. Battery/Battery Charger

When covering events, photographers capture everything, from its preparation until the end. Since most events take hours to finish, you need to prepare extra batteries. You would also need to bring a battery charger in case if the battery gets drained. Once you have these with you, you can take lots of photos without worrying about a low battery. Just see to it that the extra batteries you bring are fully charged. 

8. Camera Straps

They may be just straps, but they are necessary if you wish to keep your camera safe. If your photography business focuses on events, moving around is necessary to capture the best shots of different subjects. Hence, holding the camera all the time can easily make you weary. So, to keep you hands-free while securing the camera, you should install a camera strap. There are different types of camera straps that you can choose. You can go for a neck strap, body strap, wrist strap, and more.

9. Camera Cleaning Kit

To keep your cameras free from dust and dirt, you have to buy an effective camera cleaning kit. Not only does it maintain the quality of your photos, but it keeps your cameras last longer. When buying a cleaning kit, it should contain at least a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution. Some photographers also buy a blower to remove sensory dust.

10. Computer or Laptop

Taking good photos is not the only job you should do when you run a photography business. You have to edit your photos as well. That is why you must have a computer or a laptop with high memory space and an updated operating system. Additionally, make sure to install professional photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. It helps you create eye-pleasing enhancements in your photos. 

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Putting up a photography business does take a lot of money, especially if you aim to provide quality customer service. But if you’re willing to take a risk and invest in quality camera gears, it will all be paid off. Once you deliver great results, you’ll get good publicity and feedback, thus, bringing you more clients for a short period.

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