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Types of Photography

There are tons of different types of photography. Here is an extensive list of various kinds that you can master as a niche. Photography is a rising industry that creates stunning photographs across the globe.


Forget about objects; this photography style is about conceptual images. But your gear must be the best among others. They are what will bring life to the images.


Add daredevil outdoor activities with photography. We have adventure photographers. Capture the most death-defying moments in your camera. Challenging shooting condition, stunning landscapes are part and parcel of the style.


In this style, you shoot products or models for advertising. Remember the glamorous photo of the jewelry on a magazine cover? That’s a result of advertising photography.


Those lifeless brick and mortar structures have their beauty. You need to be an architecture photographer to find it. There is the use of specialized cameras and techniques for the genre.


It works to capture the night sky with stars. The camera uses a telescope to capture stars, satellites, planets, and even black hole. The deep sky has its beauty, which can create stunning images.

Black And White

A mood of the scene can change drastically when shot in Black and White. Using minimalist lighting, monochrome images are captured. The resultant photos are a piece of art.

Boudoir Photography

Love to capture romantic moments? Boudoir photography is just for you. It is a genre which captures the intimate and romantic moment of the subjects.


It is the act that captures moments without the subject knowing about it. Whether it’s an event or street photo, the reality is captured in a frame.


Capturing urban landscape, a metropolitan or city area falls in cityscape photography. During the day or night, the cityscape always has something in store.


These pictures are used for commercial purposes. It promotes or sells the product. Subject varies from human to object or concepts.

Crystal Ball

The photography captures sceneries using a Crystal ball. The image appears upside down.


The style of photography captures Event chronicles or environment. It depends much on the event or historical occurring. The photography captures the event as a document.


Drone photography captures an aerial image from the airborne camera. It can either create abstract or realistic images. A birds-eye view is the closest style used in drone photography.


Editorial Photography is mostly captured for magazines or newspapers. They can be candid or based on fashion, sports, or events.


Capturing the favourite band during concert or guest is event photography. It can be a festival, wedding, party, carnival, etc. It captures life and story from the events.


Family photography is all about photographing family portraits of various moods. The images ooze out the warmth of relationships.


Fashion photography photographs model showcasing items or clothes. Both catwalk session or studio photos are captured.

Fine Art

In this style of photography the photographer is the artist. Bringing out an artistic aspect of the photo is the main aim. It is more on the depiction of the photo than the style in itself.

Fish Eye

Fish Eye photography is a style developed from a super wide-angle lens. The resultant image is distorted, especially towards the borders. A different frame is captured through the style of photography.


The style of photography falls under still life photography. It focuses on food, ingredients, styling, and related still. Food photography is usually used in restaurants.

Forced Perspective

From a forced perspective, the viewer sees the subject from a different angle. The perspective is the king. A new story is created with the perspective.


Glamour photography is closely related to portrait, most with a female subject. Glamour can use clothed to nude models. It brings out the beauty of the body and clothes.

Golden Hour

The photography works with an hour before sunset and after sunrise. The light creates a warm tone. Exposure and ISO are two techniques that are needed in style.


Headshot photography is similar to portraiture. The style focuses on headshots. The area of focus is from head till bust.

High Dynamic Range HDR

HDR or High Dynamic range photography works to create a high-resolution image. Often eight or more images are stitched together to get the final result.


The style works to capture indoor photos. Photographer depends on ambient light get the desired output.


The photography refers to Harnessing the infrared light. It can be done with analog or digital photography.


The style of photography captures motion or movement. It is done my camera movement instead of the subject. Exciting images are obtained from the photography.


Landscape photography captures nature. It can be man-made or natural sceneries that are captured by the photographer.


The genre focuses on achieving a real-life situation. It shares stories that are derived from blatant setup. But it captures a part of daily activity, just like having a coffee cup on the table.

Long Exposure

Long exposure photography is about capturing scenes with long shutter speed. It helps to frame the stationary object while you blur or obscure the moving element. The photographic style can be used both day and night.


This type of photography deals with shooting small objects from close range. Special lenses and equipment are used for the purpose. A whole new dimension is added when a smaller world is focused on making significant.

Milky Way

It is a style of photography that captures the Milky Way. The camera must have excellent low light photography ability and can capture high resolution in such a condition.


The minimalist photography helps to capture a scene that has the least visual element. The style plays with color, texture, line, or form.


Mobile photography captures images or frames with the help of a mobile phone. The phone is versatile to capture models or even macro subjects.

Multiple Exposure

Multiple exposure photography works with photography layer images in-camera. Two images are sewn into one picture, which is full to the brim with the details.

New-born Photography

This style of photography works to capture new-born babies. Sometimes the image is captured with mother or father. Safety is one of the critical elements of photography.

Night Photography

Night photography is a style that captures images at night time. Various camera settings, technical aspects, and gears are used to capture the low light situation. The environment changes at night, and it is occupied by the photographer.

Panorama Photography

Panorama photography captures and shows a large field of view of the scenery. A mobile phone can be used to record panorama, or many images can be stitched together to create the same effect.

Pet Photography

This style of photography is the act of capturing your pets. Any pets like cats, dogs, or birds are subject to photography. They are captured in various actions or moods.

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation style depends much on photo editing software. Photographers tend to take the shots and later work with the shot on photo editing systems like Adobe Photoshop.

Photo Journalism

Photojournalism communicates news using real-life images. The photos from this genre are used for magazines, newspapers, or editorial platforms. The images include still life, candid, war, and documentary style of photography.

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography deals with taking pictures of people. Physical expression and features are a good part of the program. Even self-portrait or silhouettes are involved in this type of platform. People and their portraits are used to show the diversity and tell stories.

Prism Photography

The style is very similar to crystal ball photographs. A prism-shaped glass-based element is utilized to capture photography. A textured side of the image with distorting areas is captured, which turns a dull image into an interesting one.

Product Photography

The style comes from a branch of commercial photography. The objects or models are captured for advertisement purposes. Product photography comes up in brochure, catalog, or as online entities. Products can be anything that is marketed for the purpose.

Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is all about capturing properties which are used for selling or commercial purpose. There is a vast use of interior lighting, which can be done only inside the house. A wide-angle lens is an integral part of this style for capturing the entire property.

Scientific Photography

This style of photography does not fall under a creative field. Instead, it is strictly used for record management purposes. It helps to keep a record of new findings in the process. Complicated equipment helps to capture a photo at the most macro level possible.

Sea Scape Photography

Seascape or ocean photography is all about capturing the sea landscape. Coastal photography is a style that is similar to the genre. Islands, rock formation, etc. are captured in the style of photography.

Social Media Photography

Social media photography works to share the image for social media photography. Images can be anything from still life, fashion, or some other style of paintings.

Sports Photography

Sports photography captures moments, emotions, and events from all types of sports. Various sports need various types of gear, lenses, settings, and approaches. The genre works with action, motion, and emotions through the frames.

Still-life Photography

 Still, life photography works to capture inanimate objects to create a scenario. Any inanimate objects fall under this category. The creativity highly relies on the photographer to bring out a new frame.

Stock Photography

In this style, the photographer captures the image for the websites and sell them. The high demand for photos has brought up this fast-growing style. It includes anything from portrait, wedding, landscape, candid, etc.

Street Photography

Street photography is done from the streets. Daily life, motion, lifestyle is captured using Street photography. It can include portraiture, architecture, or candid images that are acquired from the street.

Tilt-Shift Photography

Large format cameras are utilized to do tilt-shift photography. Miniature models are brought to life with the planes being independent. It helps to remove any parallax errors of the buildings. The genre itself is in a very creative aspect.

Time-lapse Photography

Time-lapse photography works with capturing the succession of the images within the scene. The photographer aims to capture and show the fluctuation or movement. For example, the moon movement is achieved using Time-lapse photography.

Travel Photography

Travel photography helps to document any area or location. It helps to capture the people, architecture, portrait, and landscape, and night time. Travel photography is currently used for the travel destination and sharing information about them.

Urban Exploration Photography

Urban exploration is an exciting genre where abandoned places are being photographed. It includes architecture as well as the interior of the buildings. The other name of this genre is Urbex photography. The genre emerged as a popular style among the urban explorers who explored these abandoned places. However, there is a danger associated with this genre.

War Photography

War photography captures the vicious results of war. It involves framing the conflict, effects on the places, and people. It even captures the emotion in the form of a photo documentary. The style is often followed by Journalists. Final images are commonly used for sharing the stories of war.

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography works to capture all the events associated with a wedding. It works with portraits, family, use of drones, and even candid photos. Few photographers try to create wedding documentaries as they capture the event as a mark of a document.

Wildlife Photography

One of the most renowned genre where Photographers capture animals in their natural habits. Various equipment like camo, telephoto lens, and high-speed cameras are needed to become successful in the wildlife genre.

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