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Virtual Staging

Why virtual staging services is important for your real estate listing? Having an empty or dirty space in your real estate photo is disadvantage. Virtual staging  help you fill your empty listing or removing unwanted objects in the photo. This technique help agents to have a flawless and attractive  photo that attract potential buyers. Virtual staging can be achieve by using photo editing software like Photoshop and Lightroom. Looking for a professional photo editors who are expert in virtual staging? At Jomackers Photo Editing Company, we provides many services for real estate. And we have professional photo editors who can deliver both quality and fast turnaround time. They are highly skilled in doing photo retouching, color enhancement, sky replacement, object removal, multiple exposure, flor plan and more.

Living Room Virtual Staging

Our photo editors can easily add furniture in your living room to make it more attractive. We can add a classic living room table, an attractive coaches, TV or any desired furniture. We can add a unique furniture to make your living room photo like new. This technique help photographers and brokers to get the attention of real estate buyers.

Real Estate Virtual Staging Living Room

Bedroom Staging

Want to have  and attractive bedroom? outsource your real estate photo to us at Photo Editing Company, we can change your photo easily from gloom to bright. We can add new bed, blanket and pillows we can also put a colorful curtain and rug to make it look more beautiful. We can adjust the brightness and contrast, the window exposure, change the ceiling and wall color and more.

Real Estate Virtual Staging Bedroom

Basement Enhancement

Give your buyers an idea on how the basement look if they will add furniture in it. Some buyers want to visualize the look of the property they want to buy, this is why advantage for agents to have their own photo editor to provide them an appealing photo. Editors can do retouch to remove the spots, dirt and remove unwanted object.

Real Estate Virtual Staging Basement

Enhance your real estate property with our  Real Estate Photo Editing Services.

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