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Wedding Photo Editor

Hiring a photo editor for your wedding photographs creates memorable memories of your special day. A wedding photo editor is able to do various photo retouching services such as color correction, apply color grading, retouchings and post production work. Photographs come out as RAW after taking photos using a DSLR. Most of the time wedding photographers edits their images for the final output. The process is called “post production” an editing process where the brightness, contrast, levels, colours are adjusted perfectly. These are the ways to improve the picture of the couple.

Wedding photo editors are highly skilled graphic artist that mainly focuses on wedding photographs. They are the one who selects, edits and finalize the images of the groom and bride. It is crucial and time consuming process of post processing every image. The amount of time and effort required to accomplish is incredible. Images are imported to photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom to begin the process of editing. The skills of the photo editor will then be applied in order to improve the state of the images taken by the wedding photographer. Discover our services below on how we can improve your wedding photographs.

Characteristics of a Good Photo Editor

The right photo editor should have these characteristics.

  • Dedicated
  • Experienced
  • Price
  • Portfolio quality
  • Commitment
  • Reliable

Image Samples of Wedding Photo Editing

Your wedding photo is your most important keepsake. Whether you’re looking to capture the magic of a first kiss, a moment of serenity, or a touching tribute to family, your engagement photo story deserves to be told through images that are perfect.

Online Photo Editing Service BeforeOnline Photo Editing Service After

Wedding Photo Retouching

Our team will work closely with you to help complete your project and get the best possible outcome in terms of quality, time, and budget.

  • Image Culling
  • Gown Extension
  • Color Grading
Wedding Lightroom Post Processing BeforeWedding Lightroom Post Processing After

Lightroom Post Processing

With an intuitive interface and powerful presets, you can make any photo look great with just a few clicks, giving every photo a stunning professional-quality finish.

  • Clothes editing/wrinkles removal
  • HDR photo blending
  • Make-up adjustment
Wedding Photo Editing Photoshop BeforeWedding Photo Editing Photoshop After

Sky/View Replacement

Replacing the view and sky of your wedding photo using these editing tools, we can create a beautiful view as your wedding venue.

  • Background Removal
  • Object Removal
  • Few Stray Hairs Removal
Wedding Color Correction BeforeWedding Color Correction After

Color Correction

Color Correcting is a process that removes color casts from an original scene in order to make it appear more accurate.

  • Noise reduction
  • Skin tone fixing
  • Bride & Groom Photo Retouch

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Photo Editing Cost?

The cost of editing an image is $ .50 cents to $ 5 base of the time spent or difficulty of a picture. Clients who have daily or weekly images may avail special rate discounts. All customers however will have to send a raw image to get a quotation.

What is your turn around time in photo editing?

The turn around of our photo editing is 4 – 24 hours depending on the volume and difficulty of your images. You can also setup your own turn around time by applying in our partnership program. Becoming our partner gives you a fix delivery time on your images and you can also request for rush editing.

How do I Get Started?

Simply click on this link Trial Photo Editing and upload your raw images. For example, once we receive your images we will send a confirmation email. After that we can then provide you a quotation and ask for approval.