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Wedding photography is a branch of commercial photography in which wedding photographers take photos of your memorable moments in your wedding. Weddings are special event that only happens once in a lifetime. This is the moment when man and a woman are united in the eyes of God, family, relatives and friends. There are two locations that take place in a wedding, the church where you receive God’s blessing and the reception where you celebrate.

Preparation for the big event is crucial in every wedding photographer as many obstacles and unprecedented situation may arise. This includes lighting condition, angle, weather, close tight proximity and many more. One must prepare the necessary equipment and gear for this task at hand. There will be moments that you are require to use additional lighting if the situation is indoor. Using telephoto for longer range may also be useful especially during the Holy Mass where photographers are not allowed to be in the altar.

Tips in Wedding photography

Here are tips in taking photos during wedding day, this will guide you on how to plan and execute the right action during your clients special day.

  • All the gadgets, cameras and all other accessories should be checked before going to work. You should carry some extras like an extra pair of batteries, lens, tripod, and camera, etc.
  • Make sure you have an assistant with you that can assist you while you are at work. Never go alone for wedding photography.
  • Some reactions are important and that reactions should be captured by a professional wedding photographer. So, you should be ready to capture the smiles, reactions, and emotions at a wedding.
  • Always invest some time in planning things. You should focus on all the requirements said by the couple. Be creative and chose the background wisely.
  • Friends are important and they should be captured by a photographer. Group photos with family and friends have a prime role in weddings so ensure that you’ve captured all the moments creatively and carefully.

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Wedding Retouching

After the wedding thousands of images are stored in your camera and not all will be useful. A post production process refers to selection or culling of images of raw photos is required after taking photos. This process is deleting the bad images and selecting the good images. Images that are selected for post production are the best images wherein they are sharp, proper angle and the best to look at. During a post production a lot of retouching will be implemented as there will be minor to major spots or blemishes that needs to be removed. This is a crucial process of editing a wedding photo as this is the final stage of editing.

  • Many editing software is available in the market like photoshop and lightroom etc. But for editing and retouching of wedding photographs, many professionals use Adobe Lightroom. The variety of tools and customization options enable photographers to edit the image in the best way.Some below mentioned tricks can help you to become a more professional wedding photographer.
  • Lightroom has many presets and if you want fast editing use those presets. But your photo will look like others and don’t look creative so be creative and use alternates.
  • Divide the editing process into different stages and reserve the photos for the final touch so that no noise left in the photo.
  • Exposure is key in editing and you should try to make brighter highlights and darker shadows. It gives images sharp and better looks.
  • Minor imperfections in the background should be treated with the healing tool. It will provide a clear and convincing photo to the viewers.
  • Editing tons of photos might be boring work and never forget to export the photos in a separate folder.

Types of Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers usually provide indoor photography that includes photos in Mosque, temple, church or marriage halls. They also provide the outdoor photoshoot in which photos are captured on the beach or other romantic places.

However, those types vary from region to region and culture to culture. Some formal snaps of the couple are also captured in the studio either on a wedding or on engagement. As time is passing the technology is improving and the photographers need to deliver the different outputs. Digital services such as slide shows, digital prints, and galleries are delivered to the customers.

The deliverables also vary depending upon the region and price packages. So, there’s no standard deliverable in wedding photography.

Wedding Examples

Jewelry Photo Editing BeforeJewelry Photo Editing After

Wedding Rings

Wedding rings sold online by jewelry stores are retouched to attract buyers online. Couples that are getting married find the best wedding rings online. Wedding rings can either be white gold or yellow gold with different carats and diamonds around it.

Wedding Rings Service Features:

  • Wedding Diamond Clean-Up
  • Jewelry Brightness
  • Color Correction Jewelry
  • Retouch Wedding Rings
  • Wedding Ring Photo Editing

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