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Real Estate Photo Retouching

10 Real Estate Photo Editing Service you can Outsource

Outsourcing your real estate photo editing service to a photo editor saves you time. If you have real estate images that need to be edited for posting online, our company can provide these services. We can edit homes, apartments, condominiums and office buildings.

Sky Replacement

Changing the original sky and replace it with a more brighter sky for better quality of the image. Often times when taking photos of a property the weather can be dull and it affects your image when taking pictures. Our team of photo editors can easily remove the sky and change it to a more pleasing looking for your customers. Increase your sales by improving your real estate listings using our service.

Sky Replacement Real Estate Photo Editing

Cars Removal

Selling properties can be difficult especially when obstacles such as vehicles are visible in your property. There is a need to remove any obstruction that are visible in your image. Removal of cars, wires, people is possible using Adobe Photoshop. Photo retouching service can erase any objects in your residential and commercial properties.

Real Estate Photoshop Retouching

Day to Dusk Conversion

A process of converting the scenery from day to night scenario of a property. Day to dusk conversion services in real estate changes your morning shot to night scene. By adding up lights, changing the sky to sunset and dimming the image creates an evening feel.

Day to Dusk Conversion Real Estate

White Balance Adjustment

Shooting a real estate property gives you always a raw image after taking the images. The problem is that most images come out dark with poor lighting. This creates a color balance of light in your property making the white neutral on all areas.

Real Estate Photo Editing Online

Lawn Improvement

Improve your lawn using our real estate photo retouching by changing or adding more colors to your dull lawn. Adjusting the colors of your lawn can make it look more brighter and greener. Clients are more attracted to lawns that are more colorful. Sell your properties by improving your lawns.

Photo Manipulation Real Estate

Swimming Pool Clean Up

If you want buyers to be more attracted to your online postings in real estate make sure to clean up the pool. Retouching the swimming pool by removing cleaning hoses, leaves, dirt and toys inside makes it clean. Adjusting the color of the pool also gives it a blueish colour. Overall we can adjust the exposure, white balance, clean up pool, sky replacement of your property.

Real Estate Swimming Pool Clean Up

Exposure Adjustment

Adjusting the light and brightness of your real estate property is required to showcase all areas. Exposure is important in every image especially when it comes to selling properties online. A neutral adjustment of exposure improves the overall quality of the image.

Lightroom Post Production

Camera Flash Removal

Post processing real estate images after the photoshoot gives you unprecedented shots such as reflections. This happens when you have a full mirrored room where the possibility of reflection of flash or camera is visible. We can remove any reflections that are visible in your image by photo retouching.

Real Estate Camera Flash Removal

Perspective Correction

Taking images requires alignment both horizontal and vertical angles. We can adjust, crop, resize, zoom in or zoom out your images for perfect straight alignment.

Real Estate Perspective Correction

Color Correction

Real estate photography is a process of taking pictures of your property indoors and outdoors. Images often come out raw and bare in color, in fact they come out blue or yellowish. This is because of the lighting or the temperature of the color of the area. Adjusting the temperature and tint in Adobe Lightroom gives the the actual image of your property. Find out how we can help you color correct of your image.

Color Correction Real Estate Photo Editing

If you are a real estate broker, photographer contact us to help you with your real estate images.