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10 Simple Things you need for professional Jewelry photography

For jewelry photography, your equipment plays a major role. Equipment can make or break your jewelry photography. So it’s important to choose the right equipment that can help you do Professional level jewelry photography.

Did you know the essential equipment required for jewelry photography? 

We’ve handpicked Top 10 Jewelry Photography equipment that can help you do professional Jewelry Photography. Check out!

Top 10 Jewelry Photography Equipment

1. Camera

For Jewelry Photography, the camera is the essential piece of equipment. In today’s world, you can shoot with a smartphone or DSLR camera based on your budget and the quality of photos you require. So pick a decent camera to do Jewelry Photography.

2. Tripod

It’s essential to have a tripod to capture stable photos of the jewelry with proper lighting and perfect angle.

3. Lighting Source

You need to find a natural light area near the window side that gives a good light to your jewelry to look more attractive and bright. 

4. Backdrop (White Sheet / Paper)

If you want customers to only focus on jewelry without being distracted anywhere, then you need to add a white sheet of paper in the background so that the camera captures only the product’s details.

5. Table

A standard folding table can be more beneficial for your jewelry photography. Its ideal width is between 24 and 27 inches.

6. Clamps or tape

For a complete photography setup, you required clamps or tape to keep the white sheet in place and other things.

7.  A mannequin bust

Jewelry Background Removal

You can use a mannequin bust to present the jewelry most attractively and then capture qualitative photos. These mannequin busts are used for necklaces and other jewelry. 

8. Macro Lens

To capture all the minor details, you need a macro lens for your camera. These macro lenses help you cover all the jewelry details and make it a more attractive photo. 

9. Lightbox

Lightbox is must-have equipment for product photography. It’s a complete studio itself that comes with white background, good lighting, and a base to place products so that you can capture Professional Jewelry photos.

10. Jewelry Stands and holders

Jewelry Photo Retouching Online Company

When you’re doing a Photoshoot for rings, bracelets, and chains, you require Jewelry stands and holders to place the jewelry more efficiently to capture the beauty of the jewelry.

These are ten must-have pieces of equipment required to do Professional level jewelry photography. But sometimes, capturing photos comes with some spots, low brightness, and blurriness that need to be removed, and for this, photo editing is required.

If you’re a Jewelry Photographer and want to enhance the quality of your jewelry photos, then you can hire a professional Jewelry Retouching service provider that can convert your simple Jewelry photos into attractive and eye-catching photos.

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