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15 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Increase Buyers

The Real Estate Industry is growing rapidly, as well as the demand for agents. In a recent study, 88% of buyers purchase their homes through a real estate agent or broker. So it clearly shows that Real Estate Agents still play a major role in home buying. But in this heavy competition, it’s not easy for any real estate agent to stand out and sell more homes. If you’re a real estate agent or broker struggling with high competition and want to stand out in your real estate business, then you need to focus on improving your real estate marketing campaigns and make them more effective and convertible that catches buyer’s attention and sells more homes. 

That’s why, In this article, we’ve covered 15 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas that help to grow your real estate marketing and sell more homes.

15 Unique Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Sell more homes

Here are some of the best real estate marketing ideas that help you to build effective marketing campaigns to sell more homes:

1. Build an Attractive Website

According to the stats, 51% of buyers found their dream home online. In today’s world, when your buyers are looking for a home online, it’s your turn to make a presence on the internet by creating an attractive website. You need to make an attractive and eye-catching real estate website that shows a list of properties on your website and helps buyers to find their dream homes. As a professional real estate agent, you must show the best properties on your website that catch buyers’ attention and give them amazing offers that sell more homes. In the Real Estate business, buyer’s lead generation is the key, and an attractive website can help you generate quality leads by showing attractive properties on the website. 

There are millions of real estate websites available, but you need to add something unique that stands out on your website and grows your business, i.e., Add something unique like a mortgage calculator, customer support, newsletter, 360° property view, and best properties alternative. These elements can increase the chances of catching buyers’ attention and selling more homes.

2. Start a Real Estate Blog

If you’ve built an amazing website, what if? No buyer is coming to your website to see the property. At this point, you need to start a real estate blog on your website to attract buyers’ attention. You need to write real estate industry-based SEO-optimized articles/blogs on your website and start ranking on Google to attract potential buyers. To start writing a blog, first, you need to target the right keywords with huge traffic like “Best flat under 40 lakhs” or other keywords and write a blog on it. 

Many keyword research tools are available like Google Analytics, Ahrefs or Ubersuggest to find the best keywords for ranking. Based on the keyword research, you need to list real estate topics and write or hire a writer to create content on your website and get potential buyers’ traffic. 

Real estate blogging is one of the most effective ways to grow your real estate business, generate high-quality leads, and sell more properties. These valuable real estate blogs can be shared by email marketing, posting on social media, and other ways.

3. Use High-Quality Photos of Properties

72% of buyers agreed that photos help them buy a home, and they preferred to see Property’s Photos before making buying or visiting decisions. Real Estate Photos play a major role in buyers’ attention. If you show buyers high-quality, attractive, and beautiful Property photos, you can catch buyers’ attention and increase the chances of selling the home. A photo can describe thousands of words, which can be applied to real estate photos where a property photo is enough to showcase the property’s beauty. You need to display high-quality real estate photos on your website listing that catches buyers’ attention and build trust for your business. You can hire a professional real estate photographer to do a high-level Photoshoot and capture property photos more beautifully. Good quality photos help buyers decide between buying or visiting the property and selling more properties, and you need to show high-quality real estate photos.

Real Estate Aerial Photography

4. Ask for Referrals

The referral is one of the most powerful marketing strategies that helps real estate agents to grow their business and sell more properties. 41% of real estate agents use referral marketing and ask family & friends for referrals to sell more homes. So if you haven’t tried this method, you need to use a referral marketing strategy and generate high-quality leads for your real estate business. There’s a unique way to do referral marketing, i.e., you can organize a party where you can invite your family & friends and ask them for some referrals to meet potential buyers.

5. Email Marketing

If you want to grow your real estate business, then email marketing can help you to sell more properties and generate quality leads. It’s one of the powerful marketing strategies that many real estate agents are using to reach potential buyers. Email marketing helps build a relationship with the potential buyers and makes it easy to promote the properties.

If you’re using the right email marketing tools, then you can get a high ROI. Email marketing takes less time to prepare emails and then set up for automation with minimal effort. First, you need to generate quality leads that can turn leads into potential buyers by sending powerful emails. With email marketing, you can nurture your leads, build engagement and promote the best real estate deals that catch buyers’ attention and sell more homes.

But ensure that you’re sending the right email at the right time to the potential customers and increase the chances of selling more homes. 

6. Partnership with Local Businesses

Businesses can help other businesses grow, and if you want to grow your real estate business massively, this tip helps you generate many quality leads. If your office has a physical presence (it should be), then you need to partner with local businesses like clothing stores, boutiques, salons, home decor, showrooms, coffee shops, and other local businesses that help to promote your best real estate deals based on commission for each quality leads. Also, you can promote your brand in a unique way or offer that catches buyers’ attention and encourage potential buyers to visit your office. You can level up your real estate business by partnering with local businesses and selling more properties. 

7. Run Instagram Ads

Billions of people use Instagram daily, and it’s a great platform to promote beautiful Property deals to the right potential customers by running Instagram ads. You need some high-quality, appealing, and beautiful Property photos that catch buyers’ attention on your running ads and generate quality leads. The best part is that Instagram allows you to select a targeted audience, budget, and type of ads like image, video, carousel, etc. You can research your competitors’ Instagram ads and analyze their strategy and what helps them get results. Apply the same strategies in your Instagram ads more effectively and start getting quality leads and selling more homes. 

If you want to take your marketing ads to a lot more people, don’t forget to use hashtags in your post that increase the reach to more potential buyers and grow your brand.

Similarly, you can try other social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Google to promote real estate properties most effectively, but usually, Instagram is considered the most suitable platform for real estate marketing.

8. Make Property’s Videos

In today’s world, Videos are the best way to sell properties and generate quality leads. So many real estate agents use videos to showcase their properties, catch buyers’ attention, and sell more homes. You should hire a professional that can do high-level real estate video shoots and capture shots from different angles that enhance the property’s beauty and make it more attractive, appealing, and beautiful property videos. 

Also, you can upload these high-quality real-estate videos on your website so that whenever any new buyer comes to your website and sees amazing property videos, then it increases the chances of selling more homes. You can also run video ads on different social media platforms to gain buyers’ attention and find potential buyers to sell more homes.

9. Display Testimonials

Testimonials are the most important factor used to build trust for your brand. If you want to grow your real estate business, you must display so many testimonials and reviews on your website that show how buyers are happy and getting benefits after buying property from your side. In real estate marketing, this can be the fastest way to build trust in your brand and sell more properties. You can get customers’ testimonials in video, text, or photo form to use on your website and build a happy community. 

The more satisfied testimonials you’ll show on your website, the more properties you sell. Testimonials show how satisfied your buyers are with your listed properties. 

10. Build Presence on Social Media Platforms

Billions of people are using social media platforms actively, and there’s a huge opportunity for real estate agents to promote their best deal properties and find potential buyers. You need to make a big presence on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms where you can find potential buyers and sell more properties. Already there are so many real estate agents using the power of social media platforms and selling more properties, but now it’s your turn to do something unique, stand out your brand and promote the best deals on social media platforms. 

On social media platforms, you can run paid ads or post images, videos, or carousel with best-ranking hashtags that help reach potential buyers organically. 

If you want to stand out for your real estate business, then social media marketing is an essential part of the business to sell more properties. If you’re confused between organic posting or paid ads, then surely paid ads on different social media platforms give you more results because you can select your targeted audience and budget and easily reach your potential buyers.

11. Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a new technology that increases buyers’ interest and the chances of selling more properties. Virtual staging means you can add virtual furniture & interior in real estate photos without actually buying the furniture, just like people use Snapchat filters on their faces. Virtual staging helps buyers visualize property virtually and how it looks after the furniture, making it more interesting for buying decisions. In today’s world, many real estate agents are using this technology to improve the visibility of their properties and attract more potential buyers. For marketing purposes, virtual staging is an attractive way to increase the interest in the property, and you can provide an amazing experience to the buyers. 

Whether you’re running paid ads or social media posts, when any buyer is interested in your property, you can showcase the property as per the furniture & interior they want with virtual staging technology and increase the chances of getting sales. Once the customer finds their dream home with a beautiful interior and furniture, it’s easy to sell more homes. It’s a growing technology and increases the experience of reviewing property virtually. If you want to use virtual staging, you can capture photos or record 360° videos and later add beautiful virtual furniture & interior to enhance the property visibility and catch buyer’s attention to sell more properties.

Real Estate Virtual Staging Living Room

12. Make it a Simple Process to Schedule an Appointment

This is one of the crucial steps that can make or break your sales. Many real estate agents give a potential buyer option to email or phone call to schedule an appointment. It can be a complex process for them to schedule a meeting, and its results have no quality leads or sales.

You need to focus on making this process easier, and any potential buyers can instantly book an appointment with you to view properties. The faster you respond, the faster your buyer will buy the home. The easiest way to schedule an appointment for your business is to add an appointment calendar on your website so buyers can go to the calendar, select the date accordingly and confirm the appointment in one click. This easy process saves lots of time and gives you many quality leads that can sell more homes. There are many prebuilt appointment calendars available, and you can install them on your website and start promoting an easy appointment process to potential buyers. 

13. Create a Local Business Page on Google

Google is the most popular and preferred way to get high-quality leads for any business. Billions of people are using Google to find anything near them. You need to make a local business page on Google about your real estate business and add many attractive property photos, customer testimonials, and ratings on your local page that show your credibility and authority in the market. 

Even if you’re a complete beginner as a real estate agent and want to sell more homes, you need to ensure that your local business page on Google is strong, attractive, and filled with many reviews/testimonials to build trust and get more quality leads for your business.

Whenever potential customers are searching for a broker or real estate agent near your location, ensure that your brand comes in the first position because it gives you more quality leads and sells more homes.

14. Create an Attractive Business Card

The real estate industry is a physical presence business, and you always need to meet your potential buyers who are viewing the property or buying it. So it’s essential to build a relationship with them and give them your attractive business card that shows your credibility and contact details. Many beautiful business card builders like Canva give you thousands of beautiful business card templates. You can simply select a design that matches your business theme, fill in all the necessary details about your business to contact, and add an email signature to your card to build trust & credibility. 

15. Get on Zillow

Zillow is the most trusted and popular platform, with 188+ million monthly visitors on its website. Zillow is a platform that provides opportunities for Real estate agents to list their business and sell more properties faster. It’s a platform that allows real estate agents to list their profiles on their websites. Zillow will run unique and attractive advertising campaigns that bring potential customers to the website. If buyers find your profile more trusted and suitable, they’ll contact you and increase their chances of selling homes. Many real estate agents get big profits and sales from Zillow by doing nothing to get buyers. Zillow provides buyers and you must impress with amazing deals and skills. It’s one of the largest platforms to connect buyers to real estate agents. 

On Zillow, you can create an attractive Profile as a real estate agent, grow your profile with customer rating reviews, and showcase your portfolio to increase quality leads. Whenever you get a buyer from Zillow and sell a property, don’t forget to ask for a review/testimonial on Zillow to increase your credibility and authority in the profile.

These are the Top 15 tips that help to grow your real estate business and sell more properties.

How to Create a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

Finally, we’ve covered the Top 15 real estate marketing tips that help you stand out your brand and sell more homes. But the question is, How do you start implementing these ideas in your real estate business? That’s why we’ve covered a step-by-step plan that helps you to implement these tips and grow your real estate business.

Step 1 – Create a Vision

The first step is to be clear about the results you want after implementing these tips in the short and long term. Clarity of goals helps you understand the actions you need to take to accomplish the short-term and long-term goals. Make a list of short-term and long-term goals and start thinking about how it’s possible to accomplish these goals.

Step 2 – Find your Potential Buyers

Now, you need to identify your potential customers who are looking for properties and how you can give them the best property deals. To find your potential buyers, you need to identify their interests, age, financial condition, and many other factors. Once you come up with the right buyer, you can start implementing these marketing ideas to catch customers’ attention and sell more homes.

Step 3 – Make marketing strategies

Now it’s time to pick any marketing idea you think will work for you and make a powerful strategy that will stand out your brand and sell more properties. Also, break your strategy into steps to make it more achievable.

Step 4 – Determine your Unique Selling Point

To stand out from your real estate brand, you need to come up with unique selling points. It means you need to showcase something unique compared to other real estate agents and why buyers should consider your brand to buy any property. You need to ask some questions:

  • What unique offer can you bring to the table?
  • How do you approach clients uniquely that increases the chances of selling homes?
  • What are the best competitive prices in the market?
  • How to approach buyers and be satisfied with your easy process?

These questions help you develop unique ideas that stand out in your real estate brand and sell more homes. 

Step 5 – Pick the best Tools & Marketing budget for each strategy

If you’ve picked some best marketing ideas for your business, then you need to pick the best tools and figure out your budget for each strategy to market your business. 

Step 6 – Measure Performance and Adjust accordingly

Once you’ve started your marketing campaigns, you need to analyze their performance and make changes according to the campaign performance by increasing the budget, changing the targeted audience, or making the lead generation process easier. These minor changes can make big results for your business.

Follow this six-step process to run Profitable marketing campaigns, grow your real estate business, and sell more properties.


If you’re a real estate agent or broker who wants to grow your real estate business, follow these 15 useful tips, and you’ll stand out your brand, sell more properties, generate quality leads, and build a brand. Real Estate Agents will always be in-demand, but those who will be in front of the right customers get the results. We hope this article helps you to find some unique marketing ideas for the real estate business and how you can sell more properties faster. Now it’s your turn to apply these ideas and stand out in your real estate business.

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