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8 Valuable Reasons Outsourcing your Photo Editing is best for your Business

Outsourcing is the practice of hiring a third party to perform services for your company. Instead of assigning tasks to your in-house staff, you outsource to another organization to complete the project for you. For example, a freelance writer deploys another content producer to do writing tasks for a certain client. Or a retail business hires a third-party social media specialist or marketing agency for their product promotions.  

When you read articles about work-life balance hacks, you’ll naturally see advice about outsourcing. It’s because this practice makes work life easier and saves your company expenses. Third parties are usually on a contractual or freelance basis, meaning you’ll only pay them when you need their services. 

The most common form of outsourcing exists in the photography business. As much as you want to do everything–from shooting to post-processing–you can’t do it all. And this is especially true if you’re getting a lot of demands from different clients. Here are some good reasons why you should outsource your photo editing.

1. Focus on your business

Photo editing maybe just one task when you run a photography business. However, it needs more time, attention, and revisions. Most clients also expect a faster turnaround time and you can’t deliver it if you do all the editing by yourself.

When you outsource a photo editing company, you’ll have more time to focus on the most important tasks. You’ll also have the opportunity to get more clients, shoot more properties, promote your business, and spend time with your loved ones. 

2. Hiring a Photo Editor Ensures best results

Most photographers have a unique photography style, and photo editing companies are specialists in providing your images’ post-processing needs. When you outsource a specialist, you partner with an expert. 

Photo editors know their craft and understand the different aspects of photography, such as lighting and composition. They can easily adjust to your style and perform advanced techniques for optimal results. More importantly, it’s better to work with third parties than hiring an in-house editor that you’ll need to train for weeks. 

3. Get work done while you’re sleeping

It might sound funny but this is possible. How so? Through time difference. Commonly, photographers would outsource photo editing companies from different corners of the world. And you’re lucky if you find a company that operates around the clock. 

So while you sleep or have a good time with friends and family, your photos are still at work. This gives you more time to relax rather than shooting in the day and editing at night. 

4. Fast Turn Around Time

Admit it–most clients act like they’re the only customers you have. And it’s not good to make them feel that they’re not a priority. Say you have wedding clients, family portraits, or real estate properties. Weddings are intimate moments, and no one wants to look at their photos 3 months after the event. Plus, wedding images aren’t a set of five, they always come in bulky.

On the other hand, family portraits are just a matter of 10-15 shots depending on your agreement. But that’s the point. Your client will wonder why it took you months to deliver such few outputs. Lastly, editing real estate photos can be critical. There’s so much to do–from sky replacement to photo manipulation and alignment. If you want to deliver satisfactory results, you should outsource your photo editing.

5. You receive objective suggestions

As much as you want to have control over your photo’s editing style, it wouldn’t hurt to accept some objective suggestions. Remember, photo editors are experts in their fields, and the final output relies on them. Listen to their feedback and let them share ideas on how to improve your photos, angles, and shooting styles. You may also agree on an ideal turnaround time so your client won’t be overwhelmed with a 24-hour image turnover. 

6. More family time

We don’t mean to sound clingy here but it’s the truth. What’s a work-life balance for if you don’t have time for yourself or your loved ones. Plus, overworking yourself makes you less productive–you need to have some good time with people that matter to you.

When you outsource your photo editing, you’ll have time to do your responsibilities at home. You can also relax in the evening or plan a long-weekend vacation. The point is you’ll miss out on all the fun if you try to do all things by yourself. Even Steve Jobs doesn’t believe in the principle of working alone; everyone needs a team. 

7. You get an ecosystem of services

Many photo editing companies offer an interconnected system of services. This means that they don’t only focus on post-processing. They may provide website development, virtual assistants, and virtual staging. Instead of outsourcing different organizations to do these tasks for you, you’ve got it all under one roof. It’s indeed cost-saving and allows you to streamline your photography business.

8. Work on profit generating tasks 

Aside from focusing on the most important tasks, outsourcing allows you to work on profit-generating tasks. These may include networking, social media marketing, and building new revenue streams. Networking is the key to build solid relationships with your clients, and you may miss out on this if you’re loaded with projects.

Social media marketing is a fundamental strategy in growing your business. Everyone’s one click away now, and your business should be visible online. Some clients also find it more convenient to communicate on Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram; hence, you must adjust to their preferences.

When you have more free time in your photography business, you open the door to new revenue opportunities. You may do it through print sales, albums, and other photo sessions. You can also attend photography conferences or take a business course. 

The Takeaway

A photography business can be pretty overwhelming if you do all the tasks by yourself. Some startups would prefer to shoot and edit at the same time, but if you’re looking to grow your business, you need to outsource your editing services. 

Looking for an organization to complete the post-processing job for you? Connect with Photo Editing Company now. We deliver high-quality images that suit every photographer’s style while catering to different clients’ needs. From real estate properties to wedding photos and other retouching methods, Photo Editing Company is your best photo editing choice.

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