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Amazon is one of the largest, fastest growing online retailer of products online. Products online are sold by the millions and the secret to amazon’s success lies on the images that are posted in their website. Images that are displayed are retouched, cropped, re-size to its correct size and angle. The reason why amazon buyers are attracted to amazon sellers products is because the images are uniformed all through-out.

Amazon has a vast storage of their products a new fulfillment center at the former site of the Randall Park Mall in northeast Ohio, which covers 855,000 sq feet.  The other fulfillment center is located in Schertz, Texas that covers 1,264,200 square feet.

Selling your products via amazon needs some product image requirements.

What We Do

We can select your photos from your raw shots then cull them carefully. We will first remove the background by editing the image and change it into pure white. Crop the photo to required amazon standards then apply color correction to make it more vibrant in color. We will then save the photo to tiff, jpeg, gif or png and send it to you.

Why choose us in your amazon product photo?

We have experience for over 6 years in the business and our clients speak for itself. We have edited thousands of amazon products from books, electronics, apparel, furniture and jewelry. Our clients have been increasing daily because of our high quality editing and customer service.

Image Masking BeforeImage Masking After

Women’s Apparel

We edit different kinds of women’s apparel from women’s shoes, clothing, blouses, jogging pants. We clip the images to remove the background of the photo making them more salable online. Customers always want the best photo with vibrant colors displayed in amazon and ebay.

Women’s Apparel Service Features:

  • Background Removal Shoes
  • Color Correction
  • Pen Tool
  • Adjust Size of Product
  • Product Improvement

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Clipping Path Photoshop BeforeClipping Path Photoshop After


Jackets are sold online making waves of sales because of it’s fashion style. We can fix the folds, creases or anything that is an obstruction in the photo. Online e-commerce can increase your sales using our clipping path service for jackets.

Jackets Service Features:

  • Color Correction
  • Creases Removal
  • Removal of Stand
  • Brightness of the Jacket

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Deep Etch BeforeDeep Etch After

Path Designer Bags

Many buy bags online such as Prada, Guess, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Balenciaga, Chanel. Luxury bags clipping path service is important to companies to have their bags with the background they want or cut off invisible straps during photography.

Path Bags Service Features:

  • Bag Background Removal
  • Color Correction of Bag
  • Natural Shadow

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Why you need amazon photo editing?

Amazon standards and requirements are definitely plain and simple. You just need to have properly edited photo with white background, cropped carefully image, proper size and correct margins.

What does amazon do with my photos?

How do I make my amazon photo background white?

Go to Photoshop, use Pen Tool to carefully create a vector shape line. Activate the Path to delete the background of the image.

How much does amazon photo editing cost?

It can go from $ .80 cents to as low as $ .35 cents for thousands of images.


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