Food Photography

Food photography is a specialization of commercial photography and the genre of still life photography. In food photography, the photographer creates attractive still life photographs of food. It is always debatable, and some people say that photographers usually exaggerate the food and especially fast foods. Food photographs are mostly used for advertisements, menus, and cookbooks, etc.

Setting Up your Food Photo Shoot

Preparing your Food

The first and foremost step is the selection of food items. No matter what you are picking i.e. Salad, fruit hamburger or pizza it should look fresh and visually perfect. This visually appealing and perfect piece is named Hero and the process continues.

Lighting Setup

Photography is all about balanced and controlled lights in the studio or natural lights. Food photography demands controlled and focused studio or natural lights.

Food Backdrop

The background for food photography is important so no one can distract himself from the food because of the messy or dull backgrounds. However, some types of photography may also require a white background i.e. usually fruits photography

Colour Contrast

Colour contrast is key in food photography to blend it very well. The color contrast of the background should complement the food product so that it looks delicious. The better color enhancement and retouching, better food photography.

Food Retouching and Colour Correction

Once you are done with finalizing the Hero, background, and lights and you shoot a perfect photo. Now it is time for editing the photo so that your photo looks more professional and attractive. There is many editing software available in the market, but the commonly used editor is Photoshop. By using photoshop you make your photo attractive. With the help of many tools like clone stamp, the dust and other small particles are removed. It helps your photo to look more attractive and professional when it is zoomed in. On the other, color contrast is crucial in editing. Food photo must bestow a perfect color to the ingredients like a bun, meat, and tomato in hamburger must provide a sharp and natural color to the viewers.

Types of Photography in Food

Different types of food from around the world. There are three most influential types of food photography, here are the list;


The photographers are entitled to go for more creative and stylish images. Editorial food photographer encounters a fundamental issue of lighting. The better lights in the studio make the food more vibrant in color and tasty. This photography is more about cooking rather than raw food.


Advertising is not only related to ads. It also encompasses brochures, menus, and billboards, etc. The main concept behind advertising food pictures is to convey the idea of photographs. High megapixels and high-end cameras are required for advertising and in taking food images.


This is the most technical and vapid type of photography. The light is an extensive factor in this type and allow the photographer to avoid special effects. The image should look more realistic and attractive. With the help of focused lights, the more detailed and realistic image is obtained.


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