Food Photography

Food Photographer

First of all, food photography is a life genre used to
create attractive photographs of food. The specialization of commercial
photography’s product’s used in advertisements, magazines packaging, menus or
cookbooks. In advertising, food photography’s often controversial. Because,
they exaggerate the attractiveness or size of the advertised food especially
fast food.

For a long time, food photos tended to shot and composed
like the way people used to be. But, the stylist will arrange the food and
separate it from each other. The food stylist can make the food look attractive
in the finished photograph. The time and effort of a stylist carefully arrange
the food. They know the requirement, as their knowledge can translate the
perception of taste, aroma and appeal. Having this knowledge can pass the taste
of the viewers. And also, can pass the criteria of the media.

Food Photographers tend to make their photos more attractive
even it is not the right size and taste. Because of that, it became
controversial in the media. Also, styled food is usually marked as inedible and
discarded after the shoot. Because it may have been handled or treated in ways
that make it unsafe for consumption.

In conclusion, every one of us can be a food photographer.
But, be careful to take photos so that you will not be controversial in media.
And, not all photos about food is food photography, it is just their enjoyment.