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Furniture Samples

furniture samples

Color Correction

Sometimes captured images show different colors as compared to the real world. For this, color correction is the best way to bring the original colors back in photos to make them colorful, attractive, and eye-catching.

What we Do

  • Adjust the Brightness and Contrast
  • Changing Colors
  • Color tone Refinements

Photo Polishing

Furniture polishing is the procedure of removing unwanted elements from furniture surfaces, increasing the texture and luster. Adjust the brightness and contrast, enhance the images, this can be achieved by editing images using photoshop tools such as; Clone tamp tool and Brush tools.

What we Do

  • Photo Enhancement
  • Adjust the Brightness and Contrast
  • Make the Texture Shining

White Background

Background removal is a new service that helps people to remove the background from their photos and turn them into white background and make it more professional looking ones. People often think of furniture as a design that can make the house look more attractive.

What we Do

  • Change the Background into White
  • Remove Unwanted Elements
  • Enhance the Photo

Eliminate Dust & Scratch

When you take pictures of your furniture, some of the dust and particles that are found in the air will end up on the surface of the furniture. The dust and particles will cause scratches in the texture while they dry out, which makes them unusable for furniture designs. This service can make your furniture look clean and polished.

What we Do

  • Retouch Scratches and Dust
  • Color Adjustments
  • Photo Enhancement

Color Enhancement

Having the best color for your furniture is an important decision. It can make your furniture business standout among others. However, not everyone has the luxury to come up with their special color that they want right away. That’s where photoshop and this service come in handy. Photoshop has changed the way people see colors and it makes them more expressive.

What we Do

  • Reflection Correction
  • Brightness Adjustments
  • Textures Color Enhancement
Photo Retouching BeforePhoto Retouching After

Photo Retouching

Photo retouching is the procedure of removing unwanted spots and dirt on the photo, remove unwanted reflections, correct the color, and many more. This technique can change your furniture photo from uninteresting to compelling. It helps your furniture online business grow faster.

What we Do

  • Color Correction
  • Spots Retouching
  • Image straightening
Object Removal BeforeObject Removal After

Object Removal

When Photographers are doing a Photoshoot, some captured photos are left with unwanted objects in the background that need to be removed. At this point, an object removal tool is used to remove the unwanted objects from the image and remove them beautifully to enhance the quality and visibility of the image.

What we Do

  • Eliminate Unwanted Object
  • Dust Removal
  • Photo Retouching