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Real Estate Photo Editing

How to Correct Perspective of Property

In photography, we always have to think about perspective. It’s the way we see things, and it can make all the difference in your photograph. When you’re taking photographs, you want them to look good on any device or screen size as long as you’ve taken care of perspective and other elements like light and color.

The perspective property is a feature that allows you to set the fixed viewing angle for your photo. There are 3 different options – horizontal, vertical and square. Photo editing company offers a wide range of real estate photo editing services including perspective correction.

Photo Editing Company provides a go to real estate photo editing service that caters almost everything from color correction, image enhancement, sky replacement and clutter removal. We offer different real estate photo editing prices from $ .80 cents to $ 2 with a fast turn around times.

Discover how our services can improve your photographs for your online business. Here the list of our real estate photo editing services:

  • Aerial Photography
  • Perspective Correction
  • Decluttering
  • Image Bracketing
  • Color Correction
  • Object Removal

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a service that refers to allowing buyers to see the whole area of the property. The process can be done by perspective correction, photo color correction, lawn enhancement, object removal, photo enhancement and many more services .

Real Estate Aerial Photography

Perspective Correction

Perspective is the point of view or angle from which something is viewed, or the part of a scene that is seen when looking at it from a particular vantage point. We can give you the correct perspective of your real estate images by using photo editing software


As we all know, “First impression is the last impression.” In Real Estate Industry, the only way to catch a buyer’s attention is by showing attractive, qualitative, and flawless property photos to the buyers. So it’s essential to display the property’s images cleaner, eye-catching and beautiful, and for this, Photographers used decluttering. Real Estate Decluttering removes all the flaws from the property’s images like removing unwanted objects, messy-looking kitchen, replacing furniture, removing the unwanted interior, and restoring furniture to show the property as new in photos. It helps to display clean, eye-catching, and attractive property photos that increase the chances of selling a home. 

Real Estate Clutter Removal

Image Bracketing

Exposure Adjustment comes in a camera’s light meter setting that photographers use to darken or brighten images before they are captured. Exposure adjustment is a personal choice for photographers to adjust lighting in-camera to dark or brighten based on the view photographer captured. Some cameras come with auto-exposure; when a camera is focused on something very dark, it automatically brightens up the exposure. When the camera is focused very bright, it automatically darkens the exposure. Exposure adjustment is a camera’s setting used to manage the proper lighting and capture the scene beautifully.

Real Estate Multiple Exposure Bracketing CR

Color Correction

Color Correction is a technique photographers use to recolor a photo to its original color tone. Sometimes captured images show different colors as compared to the real world. For this, color correction is the best way to bring the original colors back in photos to make them colorful, attractive, and eye-catching. With the Color Correction technique, it’s easy to balance the color of pictures and enhance their visibility. There are many things to adjust in color correction, including contrast, ISO, noise, white balance, exposure, and other things that help in color correction.

Color Correction

Object Removal

When Photographers are doing a Photoshoot, some captured photos are left with unwanted objects in the background that need to be removed. At this point, an object removal tool is used to remove the unwanted objects from the image and remove them beautifully to enhance the quality and visibility of the image. For example, In real estate photos, some photos are left with unwanted furniture or objects in the garden that need to be removed. Object removal helps remove the object without lowering the quality. It’s a cost-effective tool that helps photographers produce some attractive and best sky scene photos.

Real Estate Photoshop Retouching

Why Photo Editing Helpful to Your Real Estate Business?

Photo editing is an essential tool for promoting your real estate business. It can help you stand out from the competition by bringing a human touch to your listings. We, in photo editing company are ready to serve you. Contact us and get started!

How Our Service Works in Photo Editing Company

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