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How to resize an image in Photoshop


To better understand how to resize a photo in Photoshop, we will be discussing below how it is done. By using the image size tool you can adjust height, width, resolution and even percent, pixel, inches, centimeters.


1. Open your File in Photoshop

2. Click File > Image Size Alt + Ctrl + I

image size
Image Size

3. Adjust Height and Width of your Image

Resize from width 4,575 px by height 6,866px

4. Change the width and height of the image to resize the photo.

resize photo model
Resize Photo of Model

6. Adjust your resolution to 300 dpi, 240 dpi, 72 dpi.

7. Press Enter to Change the Size

8. Save Image as Web Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S

save as web model
Save as Web

9. Post your image to your desired website or area.

10. To know more about Photoshop: How to Tutorials in Photoshop

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