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Jewelry Color Correction

Jewelry color correction is a process adjusting the color of the image to their natural colors. We can adjust the metal color of gold, diamonds and different kinds of jewelries.  The process of adjusting colors in an image with a common goal to improve the image quality. Whether it is due to lighting, camera settings or some other reason, color correction can help in many ways. The jewelry color correction is becoming more and more popular with the rise of digital photography. It is necessary for photographers, jewelers, and everyone else who has to print images.

How Does Jewelry Color Correction Work

Jewelry color correction is a type of digital post-processing that improves the appearance of jewelry. It usually involves adjusting all the colors in a photo to change the overall look and feel of your design. The most common uses for jewelry color correction include changing the overall brightness, contrast and saturation levels, as well as adding different effects like filters and special effects. It also involves digitally altering the colors of jewelry. It helps to make a piece of jewelry look more radiant, less yellow, and brighter.

The process of jewelry color correction begins with finding an image of a piece’s subject and opening it up in Photoshop. The first step is to bring out the most prominent colors without any unwanted noise from the image. This part can be done by using different filters on the brightness, contrast, and hue/saturation tools.

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Different Types of Color Correction and their Uses

There are many different types of color correction tools but most of them work on a similar principle – they correct colors by making changes to the levels and curves within the image. They can be used for creative purposes such as adding artificial colors or just correcting colors on an image.

  • Hue – is a fixed color that can be used in a variety of ways including to change the whole color scheme or to add different characters.
  • Saturation – is the strength or purity of a hue. High saturation will make colors more intense while low saturation will make them more muted or subtle.
  • Color Temperature – it refers to the warmth or coolness of a color based on the Kelvin temperature scale from black (0) to white (100). The colder colors appear more blue in tone while warmer colors appear more red in tone.
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Color Correction

It is a process of altering the color balance of an image. It is used to fix mistakes that have been made by the photographer or other artists in post-production.

Cleaning Up Jewelry

Photoshop is the best tool for cleaning up your jewelry. You just need to select the parts that need cleaning and then use the brush tool with different colors to reduce yellowing, oxidization, tarnish and discoloration on your jewelry.

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The right approach to retouching jewelry images involves, taking a close look at each piece of jewelry individually and making adjustments according to its individual needs- this includes light, color, contrast, saturation, exposure etc.

Gold Conversion

Changing of the jewelry color from silver to gold or vice versa is one of our color correction services.

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Photo Enhancement

Jewelries require extensive photo enhancement because after photo shoot the image is raw. The brightness, contrast and colors need to be adjusted to create a high quality sellable product.

Repainting of Metal Bands

One of the high end ways of improving your jewelry images is to repaint your jewelry. It is a meticulous process of creating gradient of the product.

Diamond Replacement

If you plan to change the diamond of your product we can easily change that for you. Our team can find or alter your diamond to its original shape.

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Dust, Spots and Dirt Cleaning

Cleaning jewelry products by removing very small particles such as spots, small hair strands and dust. Using a clone or stamp tool we are able to remove this.

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Reflection or Shadow Creation

Creating shadows below the jewelry is special when posting your products online. We can create a reflection or any shadow of your product as if it was sitting on a surface.

What are the Benefits in Jewelry Color Correction

Jewelry color correction is much more difficult and expensive than clothing color correction. Which is why many people avoid it. However, there are benefits in jewelry color correction that makes it worth the time and money spent. Some of the advantages include creating a unique piece for yourself or for someone else, making an ordinary object look like something that is worth paying attention to, and making your appearance distinctive from others in your group.

The benefits that come with color correction are more than just aesthetics. Color correction can also make things easier for your business. Your customers might have different tastes and preferences, but if you adjust the colors via software, you will be able to keep them all satisfied with your jewelry designs. One of the best part about jewelry color correction is that you can use the same pieces over and over again with different colors on them.